Band Camp Volunteers Needed

Dear Parents and Students,

In one week we will all be singing the “Arm Circles” song and hoping for slightly over cast and unseasonable cool weather for July in Alabama! Band Camp starts Monday, July 14 at 8:00AM! We are all very excited about this next year. Over the summer many students and parents and the directors have been working hard to get us ready for the year.

It takes many people to make band camp happen and to get the kids on the field for the first game. Below are three ways that you can help. Please follow the link and sign up where you can help.

Uniform Fittings — We will need 9 people each day to help fit the students for uniforms. Please be there at 10:00 and we will start fittings at 11:00. We will do a class each day so the end time will vary depending on the number of students that day.

Band Field Chaperones — We will need 2 people during the morning block and the evening block to be on the practice field to assist with first aid (ice packs, extra water, band-aids) and handing out popsicles. Chairs and shade will be provided.

Popsicles! — Popsicles will be provided each morning during a break for the students to cool off. Please bring your popsicles for the morning that you are signed up at 8:00am. We prefer the ice pops that come in the plastic tube. They can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Sam’s. They have also been at Kroger and Dollar General. They may or may not be frozen. Please deliver you popsicles frozen. Keep in mind that freezing them may take a couple of days.

Thank you in advance for your help to make Band Camp a successful week.

Cindy Leaphart

Donna Elegante

BJ Band Booster President