Rookie/Percussion/Auxiliaries Camp

Rookie/Percussion/Auxiliaries Camp is for our new members of the BJHS Marching Patriots!  Rookie, or new member, camp will take place at the BJHS Bandroom and Band Field starting the last day of school.  This camp is for those in marching band only, not concert bands.  Marching Percussion and Auxiliary (Color Guard and Danceline) camp will also take place during those days.  Please view the important information below.  

Important Reminders:

  • We will be outside the majority of these days.
    • Bring SPF 30 or higher sunscreen and reapply often.
    • Wear athletic shorts/shoes and a light colored t-shirt (NO JEANS).
    • Bring a large supply of water (1/2 gallon jug, milk carton, anything more than a 20oz bottle will do.  No gatorade or sugary drinks).
  • Bring your instruments and accessories.
    • Mouthpieces, reeds, oil/grease, etc.
    • School owned instruments will be available for rent for the summer on the first day.  Fee is $25 for the summer and $75 each for the fall/spring semester.  
  • Make sure you have turned in all paperwork and have registered online.
    • Online registration can be found at
    • Physicals are due the first day of regular band camp in July.  If you already have yours, feel free to turn it in.
  • Lunch is on your own each day.
    • You may bring your own or go off campus.  Supervision will be provided during all breaks should you decide to stay on campus.  
    • Thursday will be lunch with your sections.  Please bring your lunch that day!
  • Color Guard/Danceline detailed schedules will differ slightly, as per those directors.  Times will NOT vary, however.  Please see your instructors for more detailed information but be prepared to be inside or outside at any moment during the day.

Wednesday & Thursday

4-6 pm 

-Wind/Percussion new members (BJHS Bandroom): Check-in, Instrument Rental, Uniform measurements.  Once you have finished, you may leave.

– Dance/Guard: Rehearsal

– Leadership Team: Training


8-11:30 am Marching Fundamentals (Band Field or Turf Field TBD – Wear athletic gear and bring water/sunscreen)

11:30am-12:30 pm Lunch (on your own- You may leave campus or stay)

12:30-2:30pm Music Fundamentals (Bandroom)

2:30-5 pm Marching Fundamentals Review (Band Field or Turf Field TBD)

5 pm Parent Exhibition Performance (Band Field or Turf Field TBD)