Performance Checklist

Printable Performance Prep Checklist

In Advance

¨ Shoes are clean and polished

¨ Shoe laces are clean and white

¨ Ensure you have clean white gloves.

¨ Ensure you have clean white socks (Crew length or longer).

¨ Check uniform fit weekly. Arrive with pants/bib snapped.

¨ Clear nail polish only

¨ Natural hair color only. No bright colors allowed.

Pre-Event Checklist

¨ Compression Shirt and Shorts

¨ White socks (Crew length or longer)

¨ Uniform Pants/Bib

¨ White Marching Shoes

¨ Jacket in Garment Bag

¨ White gloves

¨ Shako in Hat Box

¨ Remove jewelry (except small stud earrings)

¨ Put up long hair

¨ Flip folder if needed

¨ Instrument with all parts (Mouthpiece, spare reeds, etc.)

After Event

¨ Refer to

¨ Pre-treat Bib/Pants stains and let sit overnight if possible

¨ Un-snap and wash pants after every performance

¨ Remove jacket from garment bag.

¨ Hang up jacket outside of bag if not washing it

¨ Febreze jacket if necessary, wash jacket, separately from pants, when needed