What if I need to check out my child from a football game or competition?

*Students will need a written and signed note from parent/guardian stating they will be picking them up from the stadium- to be given to the Chaperone when boarding the bus.

*If the student is leaving because of testing such as ACT, they will also need to bring a copy of the ticket to prove registration- to be given to chaperone when boarding the bus.

*After halftime, student will be accompanied to the bus by chaperone where a parent/guardian will sign them out.

Student will not be released without a signed note, ACT ticket and a parent/guardian visibly checking them out.

What if I don’t see my question here?

Easy! Just email bjhsbands+info@gmail.com!

How can I help?

There are many opportunities to help! You can learn more about some of the most critical ones at https://bjhsband.com/parent-info/volunteer-opportunities/!

What is Charms? How do I get into charms?

Check out our Charms page!

What will the kids be served when the band provides food? How do you decide?

Our Hospitality Committee has published an online survey here to gather information from students and chaperones on what foods they would like during the school year. You can view the results here. Be sure to complete the survey so your voice is heard!

Where is contact information for the band program?

There is a web page for contact information here (https://bjhsband.com/contact-information/).

How can I make payments?

  1. Payments can be made by dropping  a check in the Band Box (NOT the absence excuse box) near the Directors’ office. Be sure to include your driver’s license number and 2 contact numbers on all checks, as well as noting what the check is for in the comment area of the check.
  2. You can make payments online at https://madisoncityal.csiepay.com/Views/Payment/Pay.aspx. Select Bob Jones High School, enter the information required at the top of the page, then scroll down and expand the section labelled “BAND (NON Class Fees”. Please email a copy of the receipt to bjhsbands+treasurer@gmail.com to ensure that it is properly credited. There is a small fee charged by the  processing company when paying online.

What do I need for Band Camp? What color shorts do I need?

See https://bjhsband.com/band-camp/ for Band Camp information, including information on what shorts you need to buy.