What do I need for Band Camp? What color shorts do I need?

See https://bjhsband.com/band-camp/ for Band Camp information, including information on what shorts you need to buy.

What is Charms?

Check out our Charms page!

How do I get into charms?

Check out our Charms page!

Where is contact information for the band program?

There is a web page for contact information here (https://bjhsband.com/contact-information/).

How can I make payments?

  1. Payments can be made by dropping  a check in the Band Box (NOT the absence excuse box) near the Directors’ office. Be sure to include your driver’s license number and 2 contact numbers on all checks, as well as noting what the check is for in the comment area of the check.
  2. You can make payments online at https://madisoncityal.csiepay.com/Views/Payment/Pay.aspx. Select Bob Jones High School, enter the information required at the top of the page, then scroll down and expand the section labelled “BAND (NON Class Fees”. Please email a copy of the receipt to bjhsbands+treasurer@gmail.com to ensure that it is properly credited. There is a small fee charged by the  processing company when paying online.