Uniform Care Guide

Bob Jones High School Patriot Band


  • Avoid washing bibs (pants) and jacket together
  • Use COLD water on gentle/perm press cycle with non-chlorine detergent
  • NO Bleach or Liquid Fabric softener
  • Tumble dry on LOW or perm press heat setting. Dryer sheet can be used
  • Immediately remove from dryer and place on hanger to avoid wrinkling

IMMEDIATELY AFTER GAME/EVENT (in other words, as soon as you get home )

  • Treat any stains
  • It is strongly recommended that you soak bibs overnight and wash them in the morning along with your compression gear (shorts and bob jones dri-fit undershirt)
  • Hang jacket on the outside of the garment bag. If the jacket is stored in the garment bag while damp/sweaty it may mildew or produce an unpleasant odor. This odor will never leave the garment-ever.


  • Treat stains as soon as possible (in other words, as soon as you get home)
  • For difficult stains, apply stain remover, lightly scrub, rinse in sink, apply treatment again & wash.
  • Suggested stain removers include, but are not limited to: Shout, Oxi Clean, Resolve, Carbona stain devils, Totally Awesome or Dawn dish detergent. DO NOT use bleach. Non-chlorine stain removers only


  • Wash Jacket as needed. Stains, ring around the collar, “unpleasant odor”? Please, wash
  • Spray Jacket with Febreze when you do not wash it. Reminder-hang jacket outside of garment bag
  • Compression gear, gloves, shoelaces and socks can be washed with the bibs
  • If the gloves have Velcro, make sure the Velcro is not exposed during washing to avoid ‘picking’ of the fabric. Fasten Velcro to ensure other fabrics are protected
  • Spot clean the hat with baby wipe or damp white cloth
  • Do not place a wet/damp hat in the hat box-allow to air dry before storing
  • Occasionally wipe out the hat box with a dry cloth. This will help keep the hat clean(cookie crumbs have been found in hat boxes once turned in at the end of the year………seriously, this really happened)
  • Cookie crumbs should not be found in a hat box because…eating and drinking in uniform is NOT ALLOWED! (except water)
  • Place any personal items (not cookies) in a Ziploc bag and store in the hat box. This too will help keep your hat clean. Did we mention, NO eating or drinking in uniform, except water?
  • Speaking of personal items…. the hat box is a great place to store gloves after they are clean and dry
  • DO NOT put marching band shoes in the washer!
  • Keep shoes (and soles) clean with Clorox wipes, Kwik white shoe cleaner, magic eraser or white shoe polish
  • When washing shoelaces is no longer getting them clean, please, purchase new ones
  • At least two pairs of gloves are recommended for Marching Band season

As stated in the Bob Jones High School Patriot Band Handbook: Unless otherwise instructed, students will arrive at the Bob Jones bandroom in white bibs (uniform pants), compression shorts, dri-fit undershirt, long (crew length or longer) solid white socks and white shoes. This state will be referred to as their “whites”.

The uniform jacket should be hung in the provided garment bag and brought with the student to the bandroom, along with their white gloves and hat in the hat box. NO EATING OR DRINKING IN UNIFORM! (except water)

Keeping uniforms clean is a priority. Cleanliness of uniforms adds or detracts from the appearance of the Bob Jones Patriot Marching Band. Wearing the uniform is a source of pride for the band and Bob Jones High School. Thank you to all the students (wind, percussion, color guard, dance team) and parents that dedicate their talent and time to ensure that the Bob Jones Patriot Marching Band proudly represents our students, parents, administration, faculty, staff and the city of Madison. GO PATRIOTS!