Band Camp

Regular Band Camp will be conducted July 17-21, 24-28, July 31, and Aug 1. (Mon-Fri for 2 weeks, then Monday and Tuesday of the last week.) Exact times will be announced closer to camp.
Remember: You will not be allowed to participate if you have not gotten your required physical form completed by a physician. The form can be downloaded here: Physical Form
Be sure to get out and get some exercise and get acclimated to the heat. Marching band is a physically demanding activity!
NOTE: There is a countdown of days until camp on the main page sidebar, at the side of this page, and several other pages on this site.
Requirements for regular Band Camp are listed below.
Music and Drill will be posted on this site under Be sure to download and practice over the summer!

Band Camp Requirements

Completed Physical Form
You must have a physician completed physical form in order to participate in Marching Band.
1 Gallon, insulated water jug
Water is essential to band member safety. They will be given numerous opportunities to re-hydrate. Please send them with a full water jug every day! Ice may be helpful to keep the water cold and fresh.
Athletic Shoes
No Chacos, Converse, loafers, sandals, etc.
  • Students will spend a lot of time in the sun. Please ensure they have appropriate sunscreen.
  • SPF 30 or higher recommended.
  • Sweat-proof/waterproof is more effective.
Practice Shorts
Shorts are colored by section and will be available in the Band Spirit Store prior to the start of regular Band Camp. Please get at least 2-3 pairs. Section specific colored shorts are not required for Rookie Camp.

  • Flutes: Black
  • Clarinets: Blue
  • Saxes: Purple
  • Trumpets: Red
  • Mellophones: Yellow
  • Trombones and Baritones: Orange
  • Tubas: Pink
  • Percussion: Green
  • Guard: Gray
  • Dance: Determined by Coach
Dot Book
Small spiral-bound notebook or set of index cards.Each card/sheet will eventually have the page number, drill coordinates, number of counts, measure numbers in music, any musical notes, and any visual notes/things to remember about that move.

Must be on a string so you can hang it around your neck.

3 Ring Binder with sheet protectors
All members will keep a binder with the music fundamentals packet, football music, and/or competition music. All materials will be available online to be printed at home and placed in the binder.
Wire Music Stand
Available at Madison Band Supply ($22)before camp or during
lunch the first day of camp.You may make arrangements to share with a member of your section during rehearsal and split the cost.
Physical Conditioning
Get outside and be active. Get acclimated to the summer weather and to being active in the heat. We will do physical training EVERY DAY during band camp. Do not let it catch you by surprise. You can prepare by walking, jogging, or hiking outside and doing pushups/burpees/planks.