Band Camp

In just a few short days, we will begin the 2019 BJHS Marching Band season! Instruments may be checked out and forms turned in on Sunday, July 14 (2-4pm) and Band Camp begins at 8AM on Monday, July 15!

Forms and Uniform Incentive

There is a list of forms that are required to be turned in. These include the band contract, physical form, notarized out-of-county field trip, and instrument rental (if needed). We will have a form turn-in each Monday during the morning (7:15-8:00am) and evening sessions (6:00-7:00pm). We will also have a notary on hand during the form turn-in sessions to get the Out-of-County form notarized. This gives you six opportunities to turn-in these forms. If you do this and pay ALL band and class fees, you will be able to keep your students uniform after picture day. This will greatly decrease the amount of time you’ll have to wait in line at the mandatory parent meeting in August. We will have tables setup and volunteers taking the forms.

Important reminders:

  1. Physicals are due on the first day of band camp.  If you got yours through the school, we have it already.  All done by an outside physician need to be brought to school for our records. You will not be allowed to participate if your required physical form has not been completed by a physician and turned in. The form can be downloaded here: Physical Form
  2. Parents who are planning to chaperone or serve on logistics team need to be background checked for the 2018-19 school year.  A link to this can be found here (  This process can take time to approve so just a heads up before school gets started.  Any questions can be sent to Lawanda White, chaperone chair.
  3. There are several things to buy during band camp.  Please check what applies to you and be prepared to purchase those idea at this time.  Pay close attention to when your uniform fitting is, as payment as due for various items depending on your situation.  Returning members: We will inspect your compression gear and jersey from last year.  Be prepared to buy new if not in satisfactory condition.
  4. Color Guard and Dance Team: Check with your directors/coaches regarding changes in your particular schedule, as it differs from the wind/percussion schedule slightly.
  5. Fall scheduling considerations: I have attached as many dates as we know currently regarding football games, competitions, additional rehearsals, and other performances. Please go ahead and fill out your calendars NOW!  Also check back on the online calendar on Charms or on this site at There are also instructions to subscribe to the band calendar so you can have easy access to it on your phone. All rehearsals and performances are MANDATORY (Yes—even during fall break!).  Here is a reminder of approved excuses:

School Board Approved Excuses

  • Personal illness of student (doctor/parent note must be provided)
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Inclement weather dangerous to life or health of student (determined by administration)
  • Legal quarantine
  • Emergency conditions (determined by administration or directors)
  • Other event/condition previously approved by directors

We expect our students to be responsible, on time, prepared, and give 100% effort, not only throughout camp but throughout the season and the entire year.  Remember your three friends during band camp: BREAKFAST, SUNSCREEN, AND WATER.

Be sure to get out and get some exercise and get acclimated to the heat. Marching band is a physically demanding activity!

STUDENTS: Use your leadership team as a source of information if you have any questions. Music and Drill will be posted on this site under Be sure to download and practice! Music and drill will continue to be uploaded throughout the week, so check back and make sure to read through as much as you can before Monday morning.

RETURNING MEMBERS: Make sure you have your fundamentals packet from last year. You will not receive another copy.  It can still be found on the website.

MADISON BAND SUPPLY ORDERS ON MONDAY:  Madison Band Supply will be available on the first day of band camp during the lunch period. Parents are welcome to shop with their students. You can place your band shoe order as well as purchase gloves, lyres, flip folders and other items on this day. There is no shipping charge for shoes if you order them from Madison Band Supply in the band room. They should be delivered to the school the following week in time for band photos.  You will need to print the order form and turn it in with your money on Monday.


July 15-19 (8-11am, 1-4pm, and 5-7pm—no night block on Wednesday)

July 22-26 (8-11am, 1-4pm, and 5-7pm—no night block on Wednesday)

July 29-30 (8-11am, 1-4pm, and 5-7pm)

*More detailed schedule to come.

Band Camp Requirements

1 Gallon, insulated water jug, labelled with you name
Water is essential to band member safety. They will be given numerous opportunities to re-hydrate. Please send them with a full water jug every day! Ice may be helpful to keep the water cold and fresh.
Section Shorts
Shorts are colored by section and will be available in the Band Spirit Store prior to the start of regular Band Camp. Please get at least 2-3 pairs. Section specific colored shorts are not required for Rookie Camp.

  • Flutes: Black
  • Clarinets: Blue
  • Saxes: Purple
  • Trumpets: Red
  • Mellophones: Yellow
  • Trombones and Baritones: Orange
  • Tubas: Pink
  • Percussion: Green
  • Guard: Gray
  • Dance: Determined by Coach
  • Students will spend a lot of time in the sun. Please ensure they have appropriate sunscreen.
  • SPF 30 or higher recommended.
  • Sweat-proof/waterproof is more effective.
3 Ring Binder with sheet protectors
All members will keep a binder with the music fundamentals packet, football music, and/or competition music. All materials will be available online to be printed at home and placed in the binder.
Wire Music Stand
Available at Madison Band Supply ($22) before camp or during
lunch the first day of camp.You may make arrangements to share with a member of your section during rehearsal and split the cost.
Drill Dot Book
Small spiral-bound notebook or set of index cards, 3-4″ on a string. Each card/sheet will eventually have the page number, drill coordinates, number of counts, measure numbers in music, any musical notes, and any visual notes/things to remember about that move.  Must be on a string so you can hang it around your neck.See an example of how to use the dot book here.
Athletic Shoes
REQUIRED. No Chacos, Converse, loafers, sandals, etc. Must be an athletic shoe.
Physical Conditioning
Get outside and be active. Get acclimated to the summer weather and to being active in the heat. We will do physical training EVERY DAY during band camp. Do not let it catch you by surprise. You can prepare by walking, jogging, or hiking outside and doing pushups/burpees/planks.