Band Camp

The time is finally here for Band Camp!  We’re excited to get the year started.  On this page you’ll find a schedule for camp, forms you’ll need, information about the schedule for the fall semester, and more.  This camp is for marching band members only.  If you are spring semester only, please be patient as we finalize our rosters and email lists.  We appreciate your patience in getting this information out.  

  1. Here is a list of supplies and pointers for preparing for band camp. (SUPPLIES-CLICK HERE)
  2. Here is the schedule for band camp (SCHEDULE-CLICK HERE).  The second week, we will be learning both the football and competition shows, so there may be blocks that are competition only.  We honestly want to see how the band is progressing and make those calls during the first week once we get a clear picture of how our time should be divided.  We also have to schedule pictures with Greg Machen during the second week.
  3. Students– We will be finalizing the competition band roster during the first two days of camp.  We’ll be asking if you would like to be considered.  This may be a conversation to have with your parents about what you’re interested in and the time commitment.
  4. Here are the forms you’ll need to bring with you on either Sunday 2-4pm, Monday 8-9am, or Monday 6-7pm.  We’ll have a notary for the Out of County form both Sunday 2-4pm and Monday 6-7pm.
  1. Here is the football show music (FOOTBALL MUSIC-CLICK HERE). Front ensemble, our arranger is finishing the 3rd tune, and we’ll send out the complete music when it is received.  Please print this and place in a binder for next week.  Returning members: Remember to locate or print your fundamentals packet.
  2. There will be a Parent performance after rehearsal on the last day of band camp from 5:30-6pm to celebrate the end of camp and the beginning of the school year.  We had originally scheduled it for August 2 but Patriot Night (open house) was scheduled so we didn’t want a scheduling conflict with any students or parents.  We hope to see you there!
  3. You may have received an email about“New Student Tours” yesterday from the BJHS admin.  These will be Tuesday, July 26.  Tours will run in 15 minute increments from 3-5pm.  Any new students that wish to schedule a tour will be excused from camp.  However I recommend scheduling sometime between 3-4pm so you can eat dinner during our scheduled break from 4-5pm.
  • Parents– Please note in our band camp schedule that we have a new parent Q&A on the first day (Monday, July 19) from 6-7pm.  This is a great time to get acquainted with the program, learn a little about caring for the marching uniforms, meet other band parents, and ask any burning questions you have prior to the start of school.
  1. Here is the schedule (PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE-CLICK HERE) for football games, competition band, and other performances for the fall semester. Please take note of the fall break obligations (Oct 1 football game, Oct 2 parade, Oct 8 football game, Oct 9 competition rehearsal) and do your best to avoid conflicts.

We cannot wait to see everyone on Monday.  Students can be dropped off at the band room.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns prior to the start of camp.  Go Patriots!!