Band Camp Tomorrow- IMPORTANT

Hi all,

In preparation for tomorrow, please make sure you have done the following:

1) Printed off the football music, placed it in a folder/binder, and practiced it.
2) Printed off fundamentals sheet, Bb tuning, and Tron, placed it in a folder/binder, and practiced them.
3) Printed off stand tunes, place it in a folder/binder, and practiced them.
4) Printed off the opener drill (posted on with the password “football2014”)
4) Purchased colored section shorts, 1 gallon water jug, and SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.

I cannot stress to you enough the importance of individual preparation. We will be moving very quickly during camp and will expect you to come ready to work.

*No plastic water bottles will be allowed on the band field and you WILL NOT be allowed to leave rehearsal to refill small personal bottles. Come with your OWN 1 gallon water jug labeled with your name.

*There will be consequences for not having printed drill or drill accessed on your phone. Please come prepared. You will be given your drill number Monday afternoon.

*We will start physical conditioning tomorrow as well. We have a personal trainer specialized in marching band coming to work with us. You are expected to participate in all exercises. If there is a health issue, please see me with a doctor’s excuse to discuss.