Makeup Rookie Camp- Responses needed

I forgot to include this on my last email.

If you missed rookie camp and need to make it up, it will be eitherThursday July 10 or Friday July 11. We will do either a 4 hour morning session or a 4 hour afternoon session, depending on conflicts of those attending.

PLEASE RESPOND stating one of four options:

1) I do not have a conflict and either day will work for me.
2) I have a conflict on Thursday (state time of conflict) so Friday works better for me.
3) I have a conflict on Friday (state time of conflict) so Thursday works better for me.
4) I have a conflict on both days (state time of conflict for Thursday and Friday).

I need a response from everyone who missed camp so I can plan accordingly to accommodate everyone the best I can.

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School