The Band Program


Organizational Structure


Section leaders (marching)

Principle players (concert)

Section captains (marching only)

Drum Majors (marching only)


Command structure

  •  The organizational structure above is designed to effectively and efficiently inform all students and parents of events, policies, and procedures of the Bob Jones High School Band Program. It is also meant to serve as a diplomatic and successfulproblem-solvingtool. Thedirectorsandstaffofthebandprogram always seek to find an “in-house” solution to every question, problem, and query.
  • Students: Please use the extensive network of student and professional leadership listed above to stay informed and solve any problems that may arise.
  • Parents: Please use the abbreviated organizational structure in the box above.
    • Contact boosters- finances, forms, chaperones, uniforms, etc.
    • Contact directors- attendance, grades, auditions, honor band/all-state questions, general questions/concerns relating to your child, etc.



Performing Ensembles

Fall Semester

Marching Band

  •  Marching Band– The marching band participates at every home and away football game as a part of the pregame show, stands music, and halftime show. Members also participate in various parades and pep rallies throughout the fall semester. Membership in this ensemble is based on auditions held each spring semester.


  • Competition Marching Band– This ensemble is an elite group chosen from themembersoftheentiremarchingband. Alongwithallothermarching band functions, this group will participate in several marching competitions during September and October. Membership in this ensemble is determined by the directors based on prior observation of each student, music auditions, recommendations from the middle school directors, and/or evaluations during the first week of band camp.


  • Color Guard– Color Guard functions as an auxiliary group to both the marchingbandandcompetitionmarchingband. Auditionseachspring determine general membership, while summer rehearsals/clinics determine distinct weapon and flag lines and competition marching band membership. Allfunctionsofthemarchingbandandcompetition marching band listed above apply to members of the color guard.


  • Dance Team– Dance team is an auxiliary group exclusive to the marching band. Members are chosen by auditions held each spring. All functions and events of the marching band listed above apply to dance team members. Althoughthedanceteamasawholewillnotparticipatewith the competition marching band, auditions may be held for dance soloists/small groups as called for by choreography in the competitive show.

Jazz Band

  • Jazz Band is a small, extracurricular ensemble. Membership of this ensemble is determined by auditions held the first week of each semester. Events and functions will vary from semester to semester, which may include small concerts, special events, fundraisers, etc.

Spring Semester

–  Concert Ensembles
  • Wind Ensemble– Wind Ensemble serves as the top concert ensemble at Bob Jones High School. Membership of this group is determined by auditions held each spring, which apply to both the marching and concert bands. Members do NOT have to be in marching band to participateinWindEnsemble. TheWindEnsemblewillparticipate in the state Music Performance Assessment (MPA) in February/March, a springconcert,andaspringcompetitiontrip. WindEnsemblecompetes in the AA class, performing college level literature. Director Doyle Thornton and the Wind Ensemble received straight superior ratings at MPA and the spring competition in 2013.


  • Concert Band– Concert Band is the second concert ensemble at Bob Jones High School. Membership is also determined by auditions each spring. Members do NOT have to be in marching band to participate in Concert Band. Concert Band participates in the state Music Performance Assessment (MPA) in February/March and a spring concert. Concert Band competes in the BB class, performing grade 3-4 literature. Director Leigh Thomas and the Concert Band received straight superior ratings at MPA in 2013.


  • Instrumental Tech– This class is offered to further one’s individual study of an instrument. Students may range from beginners to advanced and may play a range of instruments (e.g. guitar, trumpet, percussion, piano, etc.). Students will receive private instruction, as well as individual practice time to further advance musical aptitude on their instruments.


Winter Guard:  The Bob Jones Winter Guard is a select group of color guard members that competes in the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit during the spring semester. Auditions held during November determine membership of thisensemble. Winterguardisanextracurricularensembleandcompetesin several Saturday competitions during the spring semester. Directors Nichole Murray and Brooke Howe led the Winter Guard to the silver medal in the Scholastic Regional A class in 2013 and will be competing in the Scholastic AA class in 2014.

–  Indoor Drumline: The Bob Jones Indoor Drumline is an elite group of percussion students that competes in SCGC and WGI during the spring semester. Auditions held in November determine the roster for this ensemble. Indoor Drumline rehearses both during class and after school. Director Leigh Thomas and the Indoor Drumline received the gold medal in the Scholastic Open class at SCGC Championships in 2013.
Jazz Band: See description above.


An audition is required for admittance into any of the performing ensembles at Bob Jones High School. Information pertaining to audition dates, material, and other details can be found throughout the year at

Wind Instruments

  • Wind players audition each spring (April/May) for placement in marching and concert ensembles. Major and chromatic scales, etudes, and sightreading comprise the audition material, available online seven days prior to auditions. Judges are brought in to ensure a level of objectivity. Audition scores, as well as instrumentation needs, prior director recommendations, and director’s discretion influence placement in fall (marching/competition marching) and spring (wind ensemble/concert band) ensembles.
  • Challenges– Chair placement challenges must be done one chair at a time. Music will be chosen by the director one week before the challenge occurs. Two weeks must pass before a challenge can be repeated once results are determined. Challenges CANNOT be done in the two weeks before any performance.


  • Marching/Competition Band- Fall percussion auditions are each held in spring (April/May). Information/material is available online.
  • Indoor Drumline- Auditions for this spring ensemble occur during November each year. Unless otherwise approved by the director, you mustbeinmarchingbandtoaudition. Allmembersmustalsoparticipate in a concert band.

– Color Guard

  • Marching/Competition Band- Auditions for fall color guard occur in spring (April/May). A clinic will be held the week of auditions to help preparethoseauditioning. Auditionswillconsistofseveralflagbasicsand a short routine taught at the clinic.
  • Winter Guard- Auditions for this spring ensemble are in November. Auditions consist of both an individual and group routine.

–  Dance Team

  • Dance Team auditions take place each spring (April/May).

–  Jazz Band

  • Auditions for jazz band will occur at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. Information and material will be available online during the first week of the semester. Instrumentation and personnel may vary dependingonthesongchoice. Auditionresultswilldeterminepart placement.

Rehearsal Responsibilities

Each performing ensemble requires different rehearsal responsibilities. Attendance is MANDATORY for all rehearsals. Please consider any conflicts or outside obligations before committing to an ensemble.

Fall Schedule

Fall Band Schedule

Spring Schedule

Spring Band Schedule

Student Leadership

     Student leaders are vital to the success of the band program. Such positions are in place to aide the directors in the management of the program. Additionally, student leaders are expected to uphold high standards of behavior, work ethic, and overall attitude, three key aspects needed by be exemplary members. Leadership opportunities exist in every performing ensemble, and each carries an appointment/audition process and a unique set of responsibilities.

     – Marching Band

  • Drum Majors– This is the highest level of student leadership. These three positions are chosen based on a music audition (see “Auditions” section), marching audition, essay, and conducting audition. Specific information is available online at Drum majors:
    • Coordinate section leaders
    • Manage rehearsal
    • Maintain the practice field
    • Coordinate electronics
    • Maintain band room organization
    • Any additional tasks given by the directors
  • Section Leaders– Section Leaders are chosen by a music audition, marching auditions, and leadership application. Section Leaders:
    • Support the drum majors
    • Conduct music/marching sectionals
    • Maintain the practice field
    • Execute uniform inspection
    • Take attendance at ALL rehearsals
    • Monitor band room and locker cleanliness
    • Any other tasks given by the drum majors or directors
  • Section Captains– Section Captains serve to coordinate and monitor section leaders within their domains. One woodwind, brass, and percussion captain will be chosen.

     – Concert Band

  • Principal Players– These positions are chosen by a music audition (see “Auditions” section). Principal players are expected to:
    • Maintain music organization
    • Conduct music sectionals
    • Take attendance
    • Monitor cleanliness of band room and lockers
    • Any other tasks given by the directors
     –  Winter Guard/Indoor Drumline:  Extensions of marching band but may or may not remain the same from fall to spring.