Rules and Regulations



Class, rehearsal, sectional, and performance attendance is required of ALL members of the band program. Promptness is also a factor in the grading policy regarding attendance.

School Board Approved Excuses

  1. Personal illness of student (doctor/parent note must be provided)
  2. Death in the immediate family
  3. Inclement weather dangerous to life or health of student (determined by


  4. Legal quarantine
  5. Emergency conditions (determined by administration or directors)
  6. Other event/condition previously approved by directors

Any student planning to miss any portion of the aforementioned mandatory events MUST contact the DIRECTORS prior to the event to provide justification for the absence. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence and a grade of “0” for said event.

Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the band program for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, any student acquiring an UNEXCUSED absence for a PERFORMANCE will receive an “F” for the nine weeks grading period.

Band Room

The bandroom is our home, and students should strive to treat it as such. Please adhere to the following rules when inside the bandroom:

  1. No food, drink, or gum is allowed over the carpet. Please consume on the tile or in the hall. Water is permitted.
  2. Students will be issued lockers for storage of belongings throughout the school year. These are to be kept clear of trash and clutter and are ONLY TO BE USED BY MEMBERS OF THE BAND PROGRAM. If the combination lock is lost or damaged, students will be fined $5 to replace it.
  3. Due to the diverse nature of each rehearsal/class taking place in the bandroom, it must be returned to its original state after each use. Chairs, stands, instruments, props, floors, and all various equipment are to be stored properly.
  4. Only members of the band program are allowed in the bandroom due to the amount of expensive equipment.
  1. You must ask permission from director to enter either the uniform storage room or the upstairs storage. If you are found in either of these areas without permission, disciplinary action will ensue.
  2. No running, horseplay, or games (football, baseball, soccer, frisbee) will be allowed in the bandroom.
  3. Concert, jazz, and chamber music folders are to be stored in the appropriate music cabinet at all times (except when practicing at home). Students are responsible for replacing lost or damaged music. Grades will be held until replacements arrive.
  4. Do not enter the bandroom unless a school employee is present. You must be in the presence of a school employee to be in the bandroom at any time (before, during, or after school).
  5. If using a school-owned instrument, you are responsible for its daily maintenance and care (oiling valves, greasing cork, etc.). The instrument rental fee covers general maintenance (replacing pads, general repairs, etc.). It DOES NOT cover significant damage such as dents or broken parts. These costs will be billed to the student who checked out that instrument. Please take special care of school-owned instruments, as to not accrue the expensive cost of these repairs.
  6. All rules, policies, and disciplinary procedures outlined in the Bob Jones High School Student Handbook are in effect both in the bandroom and during ALL band functions. Members of the band program should behave in a manner as to positively reflect upon themselves, their parents, the band, Bob Jones High School, Madison City Schools, and the entire Madison community.