Fall Semester


The band program consists of both fall and spring ensembles. Fall ensembles include football marching band and competition marching band. Spring ensembles include concert band and wind ensemble. Membership in each of these ensembles is based on a mandatory audition process each spring. All information (music, forms, instructions, audition time slot) can be found at http://www.bjhsband.com/auditions. Fall marching band is a prerequisite for participation in a concert ensemble, unless otherwise approved by a director.

Practice Schedules

Marching Band (fall semester after school)
-Monday- Competition Band 3:45-5:30pm
-Tuesday- Competition Band 3:45-5:30pm
-Thursday- Football Band 3:45-5:00pm; Competition Band 5:00-6:00pm

Fall Expenses:

Fall Marching fees: Total $225 ($275 with instrument rental)

  • –  $25 Band Camp Fee (due at auditions),
  • –  $50 class fee (paid with other class fees during schedule pick-up)
  • –  $150 Band Booster fee (due last day of band camp)
  • –  Possible $50 instrument rental fee (paid by all using school wind/percussion instruments; due first day ofschool)Other Expenses: Prices are approximate
  • –  $50 – Band Jersey – Order by June 1st – Will need for first Football Game
  • –  $35 – White Drillmaster marching shoes – available for order during band camp
  • –  $15– White compression shorts (Under Armor type– can purchase at Wal-Mart/Target/K-Mart)
  • –  $15- White compression shirt (short sleeve- can purchase at Wal-Mart/Target/K-Mart)
  • –  $8 – White Gloves – available for order during band camp
  • –  $10 – Transparent rain poncho – available for order during band camp
  • –  $10- Flip Folder, Lyre – available for order during band camp


All percussion students meet in one class separate from the rest of the band. This affords percussion members a more specific instruction time than they would have practicing with the entire band. Percussion includes snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums, cymbals, timpani, chimes, xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones, gong, synthesizer, and bass guitar.


          The Varsity Dance Team is an Auxiliary of the Marching Band and participates with them in Marching Band performances and Marching Band Competitions. Members of the Dance Team must have dance experience and are chosen by audition in the late Spring.


The Color Guard is an Auxiliary of the Marching Band, and participates with them in all Marching Band performances as well as Marching Band Competitions.


        The Fall Concert band is a preparatory band for the marching band. These students meet as a class during the Fall semester.