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First name Last name Phone Number  Email Instrument(s) Grade Notes
Libby Kuebbing (256) 479‑1285 Flute 12 First Chair Flute BJHS
Madison Emmons (256) 655-2970 Clarinet 11 First Chair Clarinet BJHS; Drum Major of the BJHS Marching Band; Selected for All State 2014, 2015, and 2017
Ashton Jah (256) 929-0785 Saxophone 11 First Chair Alto Saxophone, Selected for Alabama All State Blue Band, Section Leader of Alto Saxophones, Selected for District Honor Band
Grey Vandeberg (256) 975-9103 Saxophone 12 First Chair Baritone Saxophone, Selected for Honor Band of America 2017, All State Band 2016 and first chair in the state 2017, First Chair All State Jazz Band 2017, Selected 5 Years for District Honor Band, Studies Privately with Kim Bain
Brett Manis (256) 783-1189 Trumpet 12 Selected for District Honor Band 2014, Section Leader of Trumpets, Member of Bob Jones Wind Ensemble and Jazz A Band 2 Years
Catherine Merritt Trumpet 11 Second Chair Trumpet BJHS, section leader of trumpets, member of wind ensemble for two years and trained classically
Dylan Meyer (256) 682-8343 French Horn 12 Selected 4 years for Alabama All State Band, Section Leader of Mellophone Section at BJHS, Received a Drum Corps Contract with the World Class Drum Corps “The Troopers,” Studies Privately with Mark Gessner and Skip Snead
Michael Todd (256) 348-6675 Trombone 11 Member of BJHS Wind Ensemble, Section Leader of Trombones, Member of District Honor Band 2015
Walker White (256) 929-5729 Trombone 11 First Chair BJHS Trombone, Marched with DCI World Class Drum Corps “Spirit of Atlanta,” Trained Classically and in Jazz
Caleb Moyers (256) 924-9260 Tuba 10 First Chair Tuba BJHS, trained classically and also plays bass
Matthew Enfinger (256) 698-7658 Percussion 11 Attended Interlochen Summer Arts Program, Selected First Chair Alabama All State Blue Band and Alabama All State Orchestra, Principal Percussionist for the Huntsville Youth Orchestra
Lauren Davidson (256) 694-0727 Color Guard 12 Section leader of color guard, proficient in spinning flag, rifle, and sabre