Financial Responsibilities

There are various fees and expenses associated with the band program that contribute to its operating budget during the year. Each student’s finances are managed in individual accounts by the band booster treasurer and can be accessed via Charms by students and/or parents. Fundraising opportunities throughout the year are designed to help students earn money toward these expenses. Please adhere to any payment schedules set by the directors/boosters, as the band program is dependent upon timely payments to purchase equipment/services throughout the year. Any fees/expenses not paid by the end of the semester will result in grades being held by the school.

Fall Semester (see Appendix for Guard, Indoor Drumline, and Dance Team expenses)

Fall Fees (payable by check or online at bjhs.madisoncity.k12.al.us)

  • $250 Marching Band fee (due during band camp)
    • $150 if wind/percussion parents work concessions (see pg. 17)
    • $100 if dance team/competition guard parents work concessions
  • $25 Band Camp fee (due at auditions)
  • $50 Class fee (paid with other class fees during schedule pick-up)
  • $75 Instrument Rental fee (for school instruments; due August 19th)

– Fall Expenses (payable by check/cash)

  • $50 Band Jersey (New members only; order by June 1 from Laurie Price)
  • $35 Drillmaster marching shoes (available during band camp)
  •  $8 White gloves (available during band camp)
  • $10 Music flip folder (available during band camp)
  • $25 Uniform package (t-shirt, compression shorts, string bag, poncho)
  • $10 Long white socks (available at Wal-Mart/Target)

Spring Semester (see Appendix for Winter Guard and Indoor Drumline expenses)

– Spring Fees (payable by check or online at bjhs.madisoncity.k12.al.us)

  • $50 Concert Band fee (due 1st day of spring semester)
  • $50 Class fee (paid during schedule pick-up)
  • $75 Instrument Rental fee (for school instruments; due January 3rd)

– Spring Expenses (payable by check/cash)

  • Males
    • $125 Tuxedo (JC Penney Stafford Brand or similar) § $25 Tuxedo shirt and bow tie
    • $25 Lace up black dress shoes
  • Females
    • $60 Black concert dress (ordered by boosters in December)
    • $20 Mary Jane style black dress shoes



Each ensemble in the band program has a uniform for performances (both fall and spring). Several expenses previously mentioned are associated with these uniforms and are required to participate in any band function. Additionally, the code of conduct outlined in this section is to be adhered to at all times. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in dismissal from the program.

Marching Band

  • Wind and percussion students will be issued a uniform during the first week of bandcamp. A contract will be given to each student outlining details,rules,and costs associated with the uniform. Uniforms will be checked out to the student upon the return of this contract, signed by both the parent and student. This contract is a binding agreement, stating the uniform will be returned in the condition it was issued and failure to do so will result in a fine charged to the student for the amount of the uniform or part that was damaged.
    • Jacket- $170
    • Pants- $70
    • o Gauntlets- $36 o Hat- $46
    • Hat Box- $10
    • Plume- $16
    • Garment bag- $10
  • In addition to the uniform itself, students will be required to purchase an undershirt, compression shorts, white gloves, and white band shoes to complete theuniform. Theseitemswillbeavailableforpurchaseatbandcamp.
  • Drum majors, color guard, and dance team are all responsible for purchasing their uniforms each year. Directors/instructors will provide further information as to cost, care, and specifics regarding these uniforms.
  • General Guidelines
    • No eating or drinking in uniform (except water).
    • No jewelry (except small stud earrings) or nail polish may be worn while in uniform.
    • The uniform must be complete at all times unless otherwise instructed.
    • No changing in and out of uniform will be permitted in any location aside from one’s home, the bandroom, or buses.
    • No profanity or obscene gestures will be allowed in (or out) of uniform.
    • When in uniform, students are representatives of the band program, Bob Jones High School, and the entire Madison community.

Uniform process

  1. Unless otherwise instructed, students will arrive at the bandroom in white uniform pants, compression shorts, undershirt, long white socks, and white shoes. This state will be referred as their “whites.”
  2. The uniform jacket should be hung in the provided garment bag and brought with the student to the bandroom, along with their white gloves.
  3. Students will then finish dressing, get hats from racks, and will undergo uniform inspection conducted by the section leaders. They will be looking for the following:
    • Clean jacket, pants, and white gloves
    • Long white socks with clean/polished white band shoes
    • Correct undershirt and compression shorts
    • Long hair is pulled up, as to fit under the shako.
    • Any violation of the above mentioned specifications will be verified by the directors and will result in dismissal from all activities until specifications are met. Students will NOT be allowed to travel with the band until uniform inspection is passed.
  4. Once at the stadium, students will be issued gauntlets and plumes before entering the field for pregame.
  5. Students will return gauntlets and plumes after the halftime performance.
  6. After the game, students will return to the bandroom, place hats in cases, hang jacket/pants in garment bag, and change into shorts/pants before leaving.
    • Students are NOT allowed to be in any part of the uniform (pants, jacket, shako, gauntlets) outside of a sanctioned band functions.
    • Any student seen in uniform outside of a band function will receive a “0” for that performance, as well as a “0” for the next performance, in which they will not be allowed to participate. Any additional offenses will result in dismissal from the program and further grading penalties.
  7. Students should follow the care instructions provided when uniforms are issued when cleaning between activities. The old and new uniforms require different cleaning procedures. Please refer to the detailed instructions when caring for the uniforms, but try to remember the following key differences:
    • Old uniforms– The jacket is DRY CLEAN ONLY. The pants are to be MACHINE-WASHED every week.
    • New uniforms– Both the jacket and pants are MACHINE-WASHABLE. Pants should be washed each week and jackets should be washed 2-3 times during the season.

Concert/Jazz Band: Please see the Financial Responsibilities section above for details.

Winter Guard/Indoor Drumline: Uniforms vary from year to year and are paid for by students. Directors will provide students with specific details.