Mission Statement/Goals


We, the Bob Jones High School Band, strive to be RESPECTIFUL by treating everyone equally, STEADFAST through infinite encouragement, MA TURE by holding ourselves to high standards, and UNIFIED by working together to achieve one goal. We also strive to have INTEGRITY by being accountable for each other and have FUN by staying positive and “salty,” as Mr. Parker would say.

10 Goals for the 2013-14 Year

1. Make every practice beneficial.
• Set goals, minimize talking, be motivated, and solve problems quickly.

2. Take pride in ourselves.
• Practice like you perform, be mature/focused/classy, and stay positive.

3. Maintain high standards from start to finish.
• State out loud what standards are and be detail oriented.

4. Win a marching competition.
• Remained focused at competitions and don’t compare to previous years.

5. Have good parade marching technique.
• Practice parade marching and dedicate practice to parade technique.

6. Respect everyone.
• Each section is important. Support other bands and have mutual respect.

7. Put your all into EVERY show.
• Have fun with shows, don’t project mistakes, and perform EVERY rep.

8. Learn the football show by the end of band camp.
• Set goals, set drill faster, and remain focused.

9. Maintain a positive attitude in all circumstances.
• No drama and speak to each other respectfully.

10. Grow into a unified band.
• Act like a family and get together outside of band rehearsals.

Products of the 2013-14 BJHS Leadership Team