2013-2014 BJHS Indoor Drumline Handbook


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2013 – 2014


Table of Contents


Contact Information

General Info

– Indoor Drumline

– Auditions

– Communication

Time Commitment

– Rehearsal

– Competitions

– Trips

Financial Commitment

– Fees

– Expenses

– Student Accounts

– Fundraisers

– Dinner with the Drumline

– SCGC Competition Host

– Parent / Sibling Shirts



Contact Information



Drumline Director – Leigh Thomas




Drumline President – Kathryn Barr





Drumline Treasurer – Tonia Beavers







Bob Jones Drumline









Bob Jones High School

650 Hughes Road

Madison, Alabama  35758

Phone:  256-772-2547 ext. 431, 432

Fax:  256-772-6698


General Info

Indoor Drumline

Indoor Drumline consists of the marching percussion (also called Battery) and front ensemble (also called Pit) sections of a marching band.  The battery section consists of snare drums, tenor drums, bass drums and cymbals.  The front ensemble includes marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, chimes, bass guitar, guitar, key-boards and other instruments.  This is a dynamic group that combines each of these groups along with dance to perform an interpretive program.  Indoor percussion marries elements of music performance, marching, and theater; thus, the activity is often referred to as percussion theater.  Performances require both athleticism and musicianship, and are very physically demanding.  The Drumline Show has a different theme each year, and this theme is developed by the musicians through visually artistic movements, costumes, floor design, and most importantly, the music.  Performances/Competitions are held in school gyms and college arenas.  The Bob Jones Indoor Drumline competes on the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit (SCGC) and Winter Guard International (WGI) circuits.  They are currently competing in the Percussion Scholastic Open (PSO) Class.



In order to be a member of the Bob Jones Indoor Drumline, prospective members and returning members must audition every year late in the Fall Semester.  Students must be a current member of the Marching Band to audition.  The Drumline Director will use the auditions to place students in various positions on the Drumline.  Students wishing to audition will receive practice music prior to auditions.  Along with audition results, leadership, attendance, performance, and maturity are also factors in being selected.  Once a student is selected to be on the Drumline, they and their parents will be asked to sign a Letter of Commitment.


Section Leaders  — are appointed by the Director after auditions.  The duties of the Section Leader are to assist the Director in the instruction and rehearsal of his/her section, be in charge of all sectional rehearsals, and set a good and proper example for their section.  There is an overall Drumline Section Leader and Leaders of each individual section.  The sections consist of the Snares, Basses, Tenors, Cymbals, and Front Ensemble (Pit).



There are two main ways we pass along information to the parents: meetings and email.  We have meetings once a month during Spring Semester and as needed during Fall Semester. These meetings are essential in passing along information to you about what is going on and any upcoming event. We also use email heavily.  Correct email information is a must for proper communication.  Social Media will be used to communicate to the world about what the Drumline is doing, but this will not be the way we communicate with parents.  The Director, President, and Treasurer’s contact information can be found in the front of this Handbook.


Time Commitment


Rehearsals are Tuesdays 6:00–9:30 pm each week starting Spring Semester.  Additional rehearsals may be required the week of performances.  All rehearsals are subject to time changes per the Director.  Changes will be announced in class by the Director and via E-mail to the parents.  All rehearsals are mandatory and any absence requires prior approval from the Director.



The Drumline attends several competitions throughout the Spring Semester.  Competitions start in late January and end in mid April.  Generally, competitions are a one day event occurring on Saturdays.  There may be a couple times when staying overnight will be necessary (see details in the following section).  Normally, we attend 4-5 competitions each season.  2-3 of those are SCGC and 2 are WGI (Regionals and World Championships).  The competition schedule will be decided on and set no later than December.  Participation in performances at competitions is mandatory.


The Drumline has several other performance opportunities throughout the year.  “Dinner with the Drumline,” Dayton Send-Off Show, and the Madison Festival of the Art are planned for this year.  There may be additional performance as determined by the Director.  As with competitions, all performances are mandatory.



The Indoor Drumline will take a couple trips that will require an overnight stay.  Each year in April, the Drumline travels to Dayton, OH for the WGI World Championships.  Typically, this requires a 3 night stay in a hotel and travel all night home the 4th night.  The cost of this trip for the students varies due to changes in bus, hotel, and food expenses.  It will also depend on how much money is raised for the general Drumline account.  The total cost of the trip is about $16,000.  In the past, the individual cost has been ~$200.


The Indoor Drumline also travels to the WGI Regionals Competition.  This is a 2 day competition.  Preliminaries are on Saturday and Finals are on Sunday.  This year the competition is being held at the University of Western Kentucky in Bowling Green, KY.  This trip will require an overnight stay in Bowling Green.  The cost of this trip is TBD.


All trip expenses must be paid prior to leaving for a trip.  If not, the student will not be allowed to go, grades can be held by the school and the student will not be allowed to audition for Band and/or Drumline the next year.


Financial Commitment



For Spring Semester there is a Band Booster Fee of $50 and a Percussion Instrument Rental Fee of $75.  All percussion instruments are owned by the school and are available for use to the Drumline students. The only exceptions to the rental fee are the personally owned guitar and bass guitar sometimes used during the Indoor Season.  The fee covers only “normal wear and tear” repairs to the instrument.  If the student causes damage to the instrument, he/she is responsible for the repairs.  All problems with or damage to a school owned instrument must be brought to the attention of the Director before repairs are attempted.  Do not repair a school owned instrument without prior approval of the Director.  The student and student’s parents are responsible for proper care of the instruments while it is issued to him/her.


Both of these fees are due the first week back to school in January.  All payments should be put in the locked wooden box located in the band room just outside of the Director’s office.  Be sure the payment is labeled with your driver’s license number, phone number, the student name and a brief description (such as “spring band fee”) and enclosed in an envelope.  There is also a receipt box beside the wooden box.  Written receipts for payments will be filed there.  Remind your child to check this box and bring your receipts home.  If fees are not paid, grades can be held by the school and the student will not be allowed to audition for Band and/or Drumline the next year.



Aside from fees, there are other expenses for the Indoor Season, most of which are associated with uniforms. The Indoor Drumline purchases new uniforms each season.  The uniforms are unique and directly relate to that season’s show/theme.  Students will be measured for uniforms in November.  Typically, uniforms arrive in late January/early February.  Each student is responsible for purchasing his/her own uniform.  Uniforms must be paid for before a student is allowed to wear it.


Students will be issued a hanger and a garment bag for their uniforms.  All uniforms remain at school until the end of the Semester.  They will not go home or be washed during this time. When in uniform, students are representatives of themselves, Bob Jones Drumline, Bob Jones High School, the City of Madison, and the State of Alabama.  Behavioral problems and/or disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.



Along with the uniform itself, there are other items that are considered part of their uniform.  These items are also the responsibility of the student to purchase prior to the first performance.  Below are estimates of the required expenses known at this time:

  • Indoor Uniform  –  $200
  • Compression Shorts & Shirt  –  $30  (Starter brand at Wal-Mart)
  • Long Socks  –  $5
  • Bandos / Indoor Shoes  –  $35
  • Drumline Hoodie  –  $25
  • Show Shirt  –  $15
  • Transparent Rain Poncho – $5
  • Other items may be required depending on the show/theme – TBD


There may be other expenses not listed above.  If expenses are not paid, grades can be held by the school and the student will not be allowed to audition for Band and/or Drumline the next year.


Student Accounts

When students participate in individual fundraisers (either with the Band or the Drumline), the profits from those are put into an account for that student.  Funds from those accounts can be used to pay for fees, uniforms, shoes, Hoodies, Show Shirts, and trip costs.  To use funds from a student account, a note/email must be written to the Drumline Treasurer to transfer those funds.  Money can be carried over from year to year as long as the student remains a member of the Band and/or Drumline.  Any unused funds from a student that quits or graduates will be released into the general account.  A ledger is kept by the Drumline Treasurer.



As a way to offset the costs of the Indoor Drumline Season, we do many fundraisers throughout the entire school year (Fall and Spring Semesters).  Some of them are individual fundraisers and others are done as a group.  Fundraisers are essential in keeping the cost of this activity as low as possible.


Individual Fundraisers – These fundraisers are put in place to help build money in the student accounts to pay for expenses throughout the season.  Participation is optional for these fundraisers.  However, this is the best way to get expenses paid without having to pay out of pocket.  Some of these fundraisers may include, but aren’t limited to the Bowl-A-Thon and Ad Sales for the Dinner with the Drumline Program (see following section).


Group Fundraisers – These fundraisers are done as a group and all profit goes into the general Drumline account.  Participation is mandatory by every student.  Participation is also mandatory by all parents for some of them.  The money in the general Drumline account is used for expenses from season to season.  The money raised this year will go towards expenses for this year’s expenses.  We carry over very little from year to year.  The money that is generated through group fundraisers reduces the amount individuals will be required to pay out-of-pocket at the end.  Some of these fundraisers include, but aren’t limited to Car Washes, Pom-Pom, Lanyard, and String Bag Sales, Rummage / Bake Sale, Dinner with the Drumline, and Hosting a SCGC Competition (see section below).


Information about exactly which Fundraisers we will be participating in will be passed on as soon as the final decision is made.


Dinner with the Drumline

Dinner with the Drumline is a fundraiser done every year.  Since the majority of our competitions are a good distance from Madison, we use this night to showcase the Drumline to our friends and family in the area.


This is a catered event that serves barbeque with all the sides.  Tickets are sold by students and parents for this event.  The evening is capped off with a performance by the Drumline of their Indoor Show.


This fundraiser requires the help of all parents.  There will be committees for each area needed.  Each committee is responsible for their part of the event.  This event is normally scheduled for late March.


SCGC Competition Host

In March of 2014, the Drumline will be hosting a SCGC Color Guard and Drumline Competition at Bob Jones.  It will be the sole responsibility of the Drumline parents, students, and Director to plan, organize, and work the weekend of the event.


This is a huge fundraiser and will raise lots of money for the Drumline.  This will require the help of all parents and students throughout the year as well as the weekend of the event.


Parent / Sibling Shirts

There will be shirts available to order late in the Fall Semester.







Indoor Drumline Auditions

Drumline Parent Meeting


Order Drumline Hoodies and Jackets

Measure Students and Order Indoor Uniforms

Floor Painting



Start working on Indoor Show Music



Drumline Parent Meeting

Potential SCGC Competition




Rummage / Bake Sale

Drumline Parent Meeting

Potential SCGC Competition




Host SCGC Competition

Drumline Parent Meeting

Dinner with the Drumline

WGI Regionals Competition in Bowling Green, KY

SCGC Championships in Nashville, TN




Drumline Parent Meeting

Dayton Send-Off Show

WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH




Madison Arts Festival