2018 BJHS Leadership Audition Information

Drum Major Auditions – Thursday, March 29 (3:45-4:30pm)

Interviews (Winds, Guard, Dance, Percussion) – Thursday, May 10 (3:45-5:30pm)


The 2018 BJHS Marching Band Leadership Team will be chosen using several processes to determine qualification. Section leaders should complete their musical/performance audition, interview, and submit a leadership application. Drum major candidates should complete a music audition, interview, conducting audition, and 3 page paper on philosophy of leadership. Once chosen, the leadership will attend rookie camp (May 31-June 2) and the DCI Atlanta Regional July 28 as a part of leadership training.

Important Information:

  • All leadership team members will be expected to help with instruction related to music, choreography, and marching.
  • They are expected to conduct themselves professionally in person, in email correspondence, and on social media.
  • They will treat all section members with respect and will refrain from any degrading or offensive language at all times.
  • They will be responsible for conveying all information regarding uniforms, scheduling, practices, etc. to all section members through text message, email, and/or social media.
  • They will consult the directors on every decision regarding their sections, extra rehearsals, problems with section members, etc.
  • They will model appropriate rehearsal etiquette.
  • They will NOT engage in any form of hazing, harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.

To Audition for Leadership (Drum Major candidates-skip to “Drum Major” section below):

  1. Complete 2018 Leadership application by Monday, May 7.  Password is concurrent with all other audition passwords.
  2. Attend leadership interviews on Thursday, May 10 (3:45-5:30pm) in BJHS Bandroom.

To Audition for Drum Major:

  1. Download and prepare 2018 Drum Major Audition materials. Password is concurrent with all other audition passwords.
  2. Complete 2018 Leadership application by Wednesday, March 28.  Password is concurrent with all other audition passwords.
  3. Complete conducting audition and interview on Thursday, March 29 (3:45-4:30pm) in the BJHS bandroom.
  4. Complete a 3 page, double-spaced philosophy of leadership paper to turn in when you interview prior to your conducting audition.

If you do not receive passwords via email or are a transfer student from another system, please fill out the contact form and passwords will be sent to you.