Bob Jones High School Color Guard Audition Information

  • Auditions for the BJHS Fall Color Guard will take place on April 9 – 10 from 4:00-7:30pm and a final audition will take place April 15th starting at 4:30 –expected to end by 6pm.
  • A Clinic Fee of $10 and a completed 2015 Color Guard Application are required prior to tryouts for all individuals regardless of the outcome of auditions. This fee will help cover Judges Fees and other expenses.
  • April 9-10 will include basic flag work (which could include drop spins, speed spins, stirs and tosses), body technique, and a short audition routine will be learned. No weapon work will be taught. All basics and the routine will be performed in groups on April 15th for the audition.
  • Results will be announced the evening of April 15th via the BJHS band website. The selection will be for the football band only. Competition guard will be selected during the 1st week of Band Camp along with the winds and percussion. To be selected for competition band, you must attend the University Of Alabama Spin Clinic, Date DTA, at Bob Jones. If you are not able to attend this clinic, a written note stating the reason you can’t attend and stating why you would like to be considered for Competition Guard must be provided to Brooke prior to the Spin Clinic Date.
  • Audition attire on April 15th will be form fitting black pants (or capris) and a black top. Hair must be pulled back from the face. You may wear makeup, but it is not required.
  • All individuals selected for membership in the Color Guard will be adjudicated by independent judges and must be able to demonstrate these essential elements which include, but are not limited to:
    • Aerobic Conditioning
    • Movement
    • Flexibility
    • Performing Skills
    • Coordination
    • Marching and Maneuvering
    • Ability to Grasp Concepts
    • Attitude
  • Auditions will take place in the BJHS band room unless otherwise stated.
  • You MUST attend all audition days. Please make plans to arrive on time and do not plan to leave early.
  • A flag will be provided for you at the audition.
  • No spectators will be allowed to watch any portion of the try-outs.
  • All former members of the BJHS Color Guard must audition each year. Failure to attend auditions will result in removal from the Color Guard

2015 Color Guard Application

Click to print the Color Guard Fees 2015.

Bob Jones High School 2015 Color Guard Estimated Expenses/Obligations

Band Fees – Pay to BJHS Band Due Football Color Guard- Pay to BJHS Color Guard Due Competition Color Guard – Pay to BJHS Color Guard Due
Band Registration Form and Notarized Overnight Field Trip Form – (all) Start of Band Camp Practice Flag- silk, pole and weights- $25 (all) At first parent meeting Competition Uniform -$140 (all) $50 Due at time of ordering and remainder due on arrival
Band Camp Fee – $40 approx. (all) At band camp Gloves – $15 (all new weapons line – optional for flag) At first parent meeting Shoes -$35 (all) Will notify
Band Booster fee – TBA (all) There will be a price reduction if you work 2 concession shifts. With school registration Rifle – $50 (anyone interested in weapons line – optional for those interested in flag only) At first parent meeting Travel with the competition band- $500-1000 (all every other year) 2015 is a travel year. Band will notify of due dates –payable to BJHS Band
Color Guard Class Fee – $50 (all) With school registration Duffle Bag – $28 (new) At first parent meeting
Band Jersey Fee – $50 (new) Due when ordered Football Uniform – $125 (new members and old every 2nd to 3rd year- will try to use the same uniform for two – three years) $50 Due at the first summer practice and remainder due on arrival (camp)
Uniform Alteration fee -$25 (new) Pay directly to store on pickup
Football Jacket -$55 (new) Due at time of ordering
Saber rental Fee -$25 (each semester if applicable) Will notify
Headband -$16 (new) Due before pick up
Shoes -$35 (all) First week of school
Flag Bag -$40 (new) Due before pick up

Football and Competition Band overlap. You will have separate practices and uniforms for each. Football Guard will perform at all of the football games, Competition Guard will perform at competitions. You MUST participate in Football Color Guard to participate in either Competition or Winter Guard. If you are unable to make payments on due dates, please notify us prior to make payment arrangements.  All uniforms MUST have a $50 deposit before we will order. No exceptions. Fundraisers will be offered by the Guard and Band programs to help with financial expenses if you choose to participate in those offered. Competition and Winter Guard require a larger financial and time commitment level (see winter guard financial sheet). Please pay by check when possible.   Include your driver’s license number and two phone numbers.   If you are paying with cash, you must deliver it in person to the Color Guard Treasurer.      

All Color Guard members (all)   New Color Guard Members (new)

Bob Jones High School 2015-2016

Winter Guard Estimated Expenses/Obligations


Winter Guard – Pay to BJHS Color Guard Due
Competition Uniform -$140 (all) $50 Due at time of ordering (late December)and remainder due on arrival
Color Guard Fee – $200 (all) Due at beginning of second semester
Wind Suite – $52 (new) Due on arrival
Saber rental Fee-$25 (each semester if applicable) Will notify
Embroidery on Jacket (Robin’s Nest) -$17 Paid directly to Robin’s Nest at time of pickup
T-shirt – $25 (all) Will notify
End of year gift $15 (all) Will Notify


Auditions for Winter Guard are held sometime after the last competition for Competition Band. This usually occurs the last part of November.   All interested members must attend try outs to be considered for the upcoming Winter Guard.

Please pay by check when possible.   Include your driver’s license number and two phone numbers.   If you are paying with cash, you must deliver it in person to the Color Guard Treasurer.