Band Camp 2018 Preparation

Band Camp 2018 is right around the corner!  Here are some things to know as camp approaches.

Forms and Uniform Incentive

There is a list of forms that are required to be turned in. These include the band contract, physical form, notarized out-of-county field trip, and instrument rental (if needed). We will have a form turn-in each Monday during the morning (7:15-8-00) and evening sessions (4:15-5:00). We will also have a notary on hand during the form turn-in sessions to get the Out-of-County form notarized. This gives you six opportunities to turn-in these forms. If you do this and pay ALL band and class fees, you will be able to keep your students uniform after picture day. This will greatly decrease the amount of time you’ll have to wait in line at the mandatory parent meeting in August. We will have tables setup and volunteers taking the forms.


Every marching band student, guard, and dance are required to have a physical prior to band camp. If your student did not get the physical at BJHS at the end of last year, then you need to make sure it gets done this week. You can go to your personal physician or a drop in clinic. Turn-in will take place on the first day of band camp.

Band Camp Section Shorts

Your student will need shorts in the color below for their section. The style of short doesn’t really matter, whatever is comfortable for them.

Flutes- Black

Clarinets- Blue

Saxes- Purple

Trumpets- Red

Mellophones- Yellow

Trombones/Baritones- Orange

Tubas- Pink

Percussion- Green

Guard- Grey

Dance- Determined by coach

Uniform Fittings

Uniform fittings will be scheduled during the lunch period the first week of band camp. Fittings are done by grade level. Please refer to the schedule once it is released. If you are a returning band member, then you are encouraged to locate your jersey, compression shirt and compression shorts this week . You will need them for inspection. If you are a sibling of a former student and you are going to wear your sibling’s compression shirt or compression shorts, then you will also be required to bring those items in for inspection. Students whose jerseys, compression shirts or compression shorts do not pass inspection will be required to purchase new ones. New students will be required to order a band jersey. All students will be required to order a member shirt, member shorts and a string bag. The member shorts are not the same as the section shorts. They are an additional uniform item requirement this year.

Prices for uniform items ordered through the band.

Jersey $27

Compression Shirts $10

Compression Shorts $18

Member Shirt $10

Member Shorts $17

String Bag $5

Prices may be subject to change prior to ordering.

Expect higher pricing if you order these items on your own.

Madison Band Supply Items

Madison Band Supply will be available on the first day of band camp during the lunch period. Parents are welcome to shop with their students. You can place your band shoe order as well as purchase gloves, lyres, flip folders and other items on this day. An order form will be attached in the band camp instructions, please print a copy and bring it with you. There is no shipping charge for shoes if you order them from Madison Band Supply in the band room. They should be delivered to the school the following week in time for band photos.


Band Camp Volunteers

We need A LOT of volunteers during the day at band camp. We have to watch the kids from the medical tent and be ready to help students who get too hot, fit uniforms, collect forms, serve watermelon, etc. This is way too much work for just the board members to handle. Please go here and volunteer.  We also serve watermelon to the kids each day.  We take donations of watermelon for this.  Please use the same Signup Genius link to donate.

Rookie Parent Meeting

We will have two rookie parent meetings on the first day at band camp. The morning session will take place at 8:15 am in the band room and the evening session will take place at 5:15 in the band room. If you are new to BJHS Band (either 9th grader or moved in), please plan to attend. We will go over everything you need to know for the fall marching season. We will also have a uniform care clinic during each session.