Rookie Band Camp schedule

Rookie camp is ONLY for new members in marching band.  If you are only participating in concert band, you do NOT need to come to rookie camp.


  • Wednesday, May 27 (8am-12pm)
  • Thursday, May 28 (8am-5pm) – Bring a lunch this day. You will not be leaving campus until 5pm.
  • Friday, May 29 (8am-12pm)


  • Dress code: Lightly colored t-shirt, athletic shorts, and TENNIS SHOES (Remember: This is an athletic activity, so please dress accordingly).
  • 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon water jug: We are out of the field for several hours with no access to water fountains.  A 20 oz bottle of water for one session is not enough.  Please write your last name in sharpie on your water jug, as you will bring it to EVERY rehearsal throughout the fall.  Plastic water bottles are NOT permitted on the band field.
  • A functioning instrument: We only provide marching baritones, mellophones, sousaphones (tubas), and percussion equipment.  Please have your instrument in working order and have all proper accessories (reeds, mouthpieces, etc.)

I look forward to getting the year started.  If you haven’t already, I encourage to read our handbook found on our website ( to familiarize yourself with some of our rules and policies.  There are a few changes to be made to the handbook this year, but this information is generally correct.  Please pay particular attention to our attendance policy regarding rehearsals, performances, and functions, found on pg. 19.

School Board Approved Excuses

  1. Personal illness of student (doctor/parent note must be provided)
  2. Death in the immediate family
  3. Inclement weather dangerous to life or health of student (determined by administration)
  4. Legal quarantine
  5. Emergency conditions (determined by administration or directors)
  6. Other event/condition previously approved by directors

In order to perform at the highest level, we MUST have everyone present.  If you have a question whether something is excused or not, please do not hesitate to email me Miss Thomas. All absences (even if excused) must be communicated IN ADVANCE to the directors and associated staff (guard director, dance coach, etc.).

Reminder: Full Band Camp

  • July 13-17 and 20-24 (8-11am, 1-4pm, 5:30-7:30pm)

* No 5:30-7:30 block on Wednesdays
* Guard/Dance/Percussion Schedules may differ slightly, as designated by the instructors

Again, I’m looking forward to a great year and seeing some fresh new faces in the bandroom.  We have an outstanding leadership team this year that I know is eager to meet each of you.  Welcome to the Bob Jones Patriot family!!

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School