Bob Jones Night at Friday's Havoc Game, Spirit Wear & Pecan Sales

Thanks to all of you who participated in the pecan and fudge fund raisers. We’ll have your sales posted to your student accounts soon so you’ll know what you have to go toward spring expenses.

Now, for our next general account fundraiser – and last for the semester. Remember! Each of these fund raisers helps to keep your band fees as low as they are.

The Havoc game. What info do you have about this band event? It will be the 12th of December at the VBC – the night before the Christmas parade. We know that makes it a band filled weekend, and we opted for this date to save money on the equipment truck since we’d have it for the parade. Band members attending will be playing the National Anthem before the game begins at 7:30, and the Bob Jones Jr. ROTC will be presenting the colors down on the ice. The band will play (whatever Ms. Thomas cooks up for them to play) during the two intermissions that will take place between the three periods of play for the game.

While the game is being played, the band can enjoy the game and have fun as spectators. This should be a fun time for the entire band, friends and family. The dress will be jerseys and jeans, and more specific information about show time and such will be put out closer to the event. In the mean time, we hope your family will decide to participate and be there to represent Bob Jones!

Band students participating will not need a ticket, but family members and friends will. The tickets we sell will benefit us, which is great! If we sell 200 tickets, $5.00 of each ticket sold will go to the band program (under that number, only $3.00 per ticket will be our gain). However many tickets we sell for $10.00 each (discounted from the normal $12.00) will be beneficial to our program. The more we sell, the bigger our gain!

Please talk this up and make plans to participate. Invite friends and family! Let me know if you’d like tickets. You can put an order in the booster box, but that will require me knowing how to get the tickets back to you. If you write a check, please make it out to Huntsville Havoc.

Tickets will also be available during lunch in the cafeteria a day or two this next week. More info about that will be sent out as we know the school’s schedule.

And finally – we’d like to offer you another opportunity to buy spirit wear and left over pecans before the game and parade, and especially before Christmas in case you need to buy some gifts. Thursday afternoon, December 11th, we’ll be in the band room after school, until 5:00 or so (later if anyone needs us to be, so let us know!). Send money with your student or pop in as you pick him or her up or on your way home from work to make your purchases.

Thank you for your continued support as we wind down these last weeks before the holidays.

Angela Gary

Spirit Wear Chair

Lou Justice

Fundraising Chair

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President