Hold the presses – OR – reprint, please!

Hi everyone!

I’m dangerous! I can’t even blame it on being in the band room during fourth block and then after school, listening to drum line practice while giving out pecans! I sent the WRONG ONE to Cindy over the weekend. I’m so sorry for the confusion! Here is the REAL Christmas Fudge order form I’d like you to use when selling fudge, and don’t forget, you can always find things like this on Charms, and at bjhsband.com. Janine is our easy button and gives us just that on the web site – a fundraising button – to make sure everything is at our fingertips.

Be sure to turn your order in (with money) Monday, when you return from Thanksgiving break. Delivery (at the band room) will be the 15th or 16th of December.

The pecans arrived yesterday morning, and Mr. Thornton and his third block students helped bring all 14,890 lbs. into the band room from the 18 wheeler that delivered them. Believe it or not, it isn’t even a music class that did all that! Bob Jones students are THE BEST! Well, maybe not better than the parents! Thanks to the ladies (and Finn) who helped all afternoon! We accomplished a lot and sure couldn’t have done it without each of you!

Thank you for scrambling to get to the school to pick up your order. If you weren’t able to already, please do so today if possible, or let me know how I can either get it to you or when you’ll be able to pick it up. I’ll be at school in the morning to check with each student who still has an order there. I’ll be there again at the end of the school day if necessary. Thanks to all who sold. Please be sure to check everything to make sure you have exactly what you ordered. We double checked everything but for some reason don’t have the exact numbers we thought we would have left over. Once we KNOW everyone has theirs, we’ll let you know about purchasing extras. Believe me when I say that once people taste the pecans they will be asking for more! Thanks for doing your part to sell!

Havoc tickets and March on Madison DVD orders will be ongoing, so be in touch if you want either, and we’ll figure out how to make it happen!

Thank you!