Pecans are in! Havoc game, DVDs, and fudge, oh my!

The pecans are in and will be available for pick up TODAY after school and until the end of drum line rehearsal at 5:30.

Lou will also be available for you to purchase tickets for the Huntsville Havoc game on December 12th. They are $10 each. The band will keep a portion of the ticket sales.

And she will also take orders for the March on Madison DVDs. They are $5.

I have attached the order form for fudge sales. The fudge comes from The Whistle Stop Sweet Shop in Madison. Their fudge is delicious! The orders are due December 1st. We are selling chocolate, chocolate nut, peanut butter and peppermint in one pound boxes (1, 2, or 4 flavors). The price is $13 per pound, the same price that they sell it in their store. The students get $6.50 per box. This is a great opportunity to have money in your students’ account for booster fees, trips, etc.

Lou is a busy lady today! Please be sure to thank her!

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President
Fudge fundraiserorderform.docx