Tickets for Saturday! Spirit Wear! Pecans!

Hi everyone,

I’m getting Cindy to send this to everyone again since some of you may still be making up your minds as to whether you’re going to Chattanooga Saturday or not. Tickets are still available – or will be as long as they do indeed get here tomorrow as promised!

I will put the list below so you can see if your name is here or not. If it is not and you want tickets please e-mail me to let me know how many and I’ll have them for you with everyone else’s.

The first 50 were sold Tuesday. The others still need to be paid for and picked up. I will be at the band room Friday at 4:00 for you to get yours. Each ticket is 13.00 – I found out children under 7 will be admitted free so no ticket will be necessary for children 6 and under.

You may pay cash for the tickets or write checks to USBands. If you cannot get to school between 4 and 5:30 Friday, please let me know how we can get together for you to get your tickets. Saturday rehearsal may be an option. or 256-830-8319.

Oh! The new Spirit Wear is in too! We will TRY OUR BEST to have it available for sale Friday afternoon as well. It will be chilly (okay, maybe downright cold) Saturday, so get your hoodies, sweatshirts and blankets! Who knows? You might be able to sneak in a little Christmas shopping!

AND FINALLY – Pecans. I called the company to find out about how long the orders are taking to turn around. Weather is their biggest factor. It needs to be cold for shipment so the candied won’t melt and the plain pecans won’t get rancid. Guess what? It’s supposed to be cold – yes, even in south GA! They told me if I placed the order yesterday they would ship Monday! If I order next week any day, they will likely ship the next day! YIKES! How would you like to take more orders? You may have already exhausted your sources, but if you would like to make one last plug, go for it between now and Tuesday. Get the order forms and money in to the band room TUESDAY during the school day! I’ll attach the order form here for you to use. This is NOT a requirement – just an offer.

I think that is all – really wasn’t intending to throw it all at you but did! I’ll see some of you tonight at the game and some tomorrow! I’m signing off and will put the list below. Be sure to get in touch if I can be of service in any way.


Allen 1

Baldwin 1

Barnett 3

Bowerman 3

Cantrell-Joyce 4

Colson pd 3

Crosby pd 1

Crosby pd 1

Curtis 2

Davis 2

Day pd 2

Delmas pd 1

Doar 2

Eames 4

Elegante pd 2

Euley pd 2

Gereski pd 2

Grant 1

Green 1

Harless (Becky’s sister)pd 1

Harris 1

Harris pd 1

Hebert 2

Howard 2

Hunt 3

Jones 3


Kidd pd 7

Kurowsky 2

Leaphart 3

Little 3

Liu pd 1

Magnusaon 1

Manis pd 2

Mason 3

Massengale pd 3

Matheney pd 1

McDaniel 3

Meyer, Dylan’s family pd 7

Oakes 1

Pittman 5

Robinson 2

Russell 1

See 5

Shea 2

Vandeberg pd 2

West pd 1

Wilson 4

Winters pd 3

Yerby pd 3

Zambrycki pd 4

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President