Tickets for the competition Saturday

Dear Parents,

We sold out of tickets for Saturday very quickly! Lou Justice has been working with US Bands to get more tickets to us to accommodate those who would like to purchase tickets. They are willing to help us get more tickets at a discount.

If we have enough interest, they will overnight the tickets to us and you can pick them up on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

If you would like tickets, your response to this e-mail will be a promise to purchase them if we can get them. They will cost $13.00 (a three dollar discount).

Please e-mail Lou Justice at, to let me know that you would like to purchase tickets and how many you would like. Hopefully, If we get enough, we will be able to justify (in their eyes) the extra expense of the over night charges that will be incurred to get them to us.

Please get in touch with Lou now!

Also, there are a few seats left on the bus. The cost is $20. If you are interested, please let Cindy know.

Thank you,



Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President