Updates- This Week

Ok so I have a few updates for this week regarding the original schedule.

1) B Jazz Band will meet at BJHS tomorrow until 5:30pm. Mr. Murray has a meeting so A jazz band will not meet tomorrow.

2) The buses will have to drop us off Saturday and go park elsewhere. Therefore, we will travel to Chattanooga in whites then change into full uniform and exit the bus to unload and get water/snacks.

3) Mr. Thornton and I have mandatory professional development Friday afternoon that we can’t get out of. We are forced to move our competition rehearsal to 3:00-5:00pm on the turf field. I apologize for the inconvenience. We will respect your time and end on time as to not affect your Halloween night plans.

4) As stated during practice, there will be a field judge Saturday. Your uniform cleanliness is EXTREMELY important, including your shoes. Please clean and press your pants after Thursday’s game and use a magic eraser or something equally as strong to clean your shoes, along with washing your shoe laces.

I think that’s all the changes. Thanks for being flexible and staying informed! It’s f

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School