A bunch of this and that fund raising wise reminders and offers

Hi everyone!

Yes, it’s game day and Senior Night, and I’m later getting this info out than I’d intended to be. This week and marching season are flying by!

Wasn’t Tuesday night amazing? Many thanks to each of you who contributed in any way – from working concessions, selling and taking tickets in advance and at the gate, greeting people, helping with field equipment or clean up, making sure your student was there with a crisp, clean uniform, buying concessions, telling friends and family about the event and for just being there! Thank you for stepping up to volunteer as we couldn’t have done this without you! If you have suggestions for ways to make it better, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can put it in our after action reports for next year! I do believe this will continue to be an “annual event”!

Pecans – orders were due today- Friday, October 24. If you think you can sell some over the weekend – do it and get the order in first thing Monday morning! Everyone needs to send in their final order along with the money by Monday! Drop it in the booster box so we can tally everything and get the order placed. The pecans will be delivered before Thanksgiving. I cannot give you a date yet, because the company waits until the temperature is low enough that the pecans won’t get rancid or melt when being shipped.

If you haven’t sent all money in for tickets your student took to sell for March On Madison, please do so by Monday as well. We still have over 20 who have not turned theirs in. We’d like to get this fundraiser closed out and to be able to report to everyone about its success money wise! Send in money and unsold tickets. There may be a question or two about the sales… Everyone has been asked to sell TWO so that $10.00 can go into the booster account to help with expenses. ANY AND ALL sales after the first two will go into individual student accounts to be used for student band expenses- all but class fees. The money was not to be pocketed by individual students! Bet you didn’t know some thought they could do that, did you?

There is one more competition! Saturday, November 1st the competition band will be in Chattanooga at the Southern States Championship. Our directors were given 50 tickets to sell at a discount. If you’d like to buy tickets, the cost will be $13.00 (face value $16.00), we’ll have them available Tuesday afternoon in the band room beginning about 4:00 after football practice until after the competition practice is over. If you intend to write a check, please make it payable to USBands.

Also available Tuesday afternoon will be the long awaited spirit wear. YES! It is FINALLY ready! After delays with logos, merchandise, a big job getting in to our vendor ahead of us and our job being big itself, we are finally able to make this available to you just in time for the last game of the season! Isn’t it wonderful we’ll go into play offs to give everyone more opportunity to wear it AND don’t forget it will make great Christmas gifts, so get to the band room Tuesday to get yours!

And finally – unless I think of something else as soon as I hit send – Mei Wei Spirit night will be this next week – Monday the 27th from 5:00 until 9:00 p.m. This business is owned by the family of one of our own, and they are excited to be able to help us this way. Let the cashier know you’re with the Bob Jones Band!

OH! and yes! one more item of interest and then I’m really through! Jefferson’s on 72 near Slaughter will be giving a portion of sales TONIGHT – even after the game – to Bob Jones! The money won’t come directly to the band but it will benefit our school, so if you need a place to go tonight, let them know you appreciate their support!

Please be in touch if you have ANY questions or I can help you with anything!