News for this week

We have another busy week this week! I feel like I cannot go on without saying how proud I am of our band! I know I am a proud mom, but I am so proud of ALL of our kids. They work so hard and it has paid off. They continue to perform a fun halftime show every Friday night and keep the school spirit going in the stands. And the competition band continues to win and wow the crowd! Congratulations to all! You represent our school well.

March on Madison (MoM) —

Ticket money and tickets not sold were due on Friday. Please turn those in Monday. Continue to tell your friends. Tickets will be sold at the stadium as well.

If you would like to donate pop for MoM please bring cans of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew to the band room.

We need help in the concession stand on Tuesday night. Our plan is to be closed while our bands perform so that you do not miss anything.

Senior Night —

This Friday is the last regular season home game. As is our tradition, it is Senior Night. All Seniors in band, color guard and dance team will be recognized. In order for your names to be announced correctly we need to know the student name to be announced and the names of the escorts, with pronunciation help. Janine has sent out several emails. If you have not responded, please do so by tomorrow to This will help ensure that everyone’s name is announced correctly.

The concession stand is still short this Friday as well. Please sign up.

Schedule —

Ms. Thomas sent out a detailed schedule last week that will take you through the end of the month. Please have it printed out and refer to it the next couple of weeks.

The rumor is that we are in the playoffs. We will let you know when things are more definite. Remember at the beginning of the season Mr. Thornton said to keep your Friday nights free through Thanksgiving. If the football team is playing the band is playing.

Pecan Sales —

Pecan sales end this week. This is a BJHS Band tradition and people in the community look forward to it. Do not hesitate to ask the people that you know. Order forms and money are due on Friday.

Chaperones —

Chaperones are needed for the next two games. Please sign up.

Concessions —

As you know the money we make in the concession stand is our most profitable fundraiser. All of the slots need to be filled to make the whole process go smoothly. Selling drinks and food in the stands increases our profits as people do not have to get up to purchase food or drinks. Having several cashiers makes the lines move more quickly. All of the jobs inside make the whole process move quickly so that people do not have a long wait. Our biggest struggle this fall has been getting all of these positions filled. I have felt like a broken record sending out an email almost weekly asking for people to sign up. After a while I am sure it became tiring. It has for me and Gabi as well. At the beginning of the year I did not think that parents helping in concessions and paying their fees would be the problem that it has been this year. I can do my best Mom Guilt Trip and tell you that many people have already gone above and beyond by working multiple times. Some who are exempt have worked multiple times as well. My hope was that we would all want to work together to make our band program the best it can be. And that we would be happy about it. I hope that you will use these last two opportunities

(MoM and the 24th) to sign up. The playoffs may or may not be home games. That is a blessing and a burden, we have an opportunity to make money and we have to find people to work.

We are already thinking about next year. We may do things a little differently as far as managing the concession stand goes so that it does not all fall on one person.

Gabi Bowerman has put in countless hours to ensure our success in the concession stand. We cannot thank her enough. When you see her, please thank her.

This week-

This week will be wonderful! We will have great weather both Tuesday and Friday. I am looking forward to seeing our kids on the field both nights.

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President