I know our schedule is crazy right now so I thought I would send some reminders.

STUDENTS: Remember to bring everything you need for the game tomorrow to school. Report to the band room at the beginning of 4th block. We are leaving at 1:30pm. REMEMBER TO BRING $2 for pizza (put in band box).

COMPETITION BAND: check the rehearsal schedule for Friday and Saturday in my previous email.

FOOTBALL BAND: Per the email I sent last night, remember we have a joint rehearsal with DMS in prep for March on Madison. It will be Monday from 5:00-5:30 at our field. Then NO REHEARSAL the day of March on Madison, just our performances. I’ll be sending more details soon on performance order and other logistics.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Please stay on top of things these next few weeks. Stay informed! Thanks and enjoy your Wedmesday night!

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School