Discovery Alumni Night (Thursday) and Information on Honor Bands for 2014-15

Hi everyone,

I tried to space out my emails so you don’t feel bombarded. I just have two things to share with you.

1) DMS ALUMNI NIGHT is tomorrow night! The DMS boosters are grilling out from 4:30-6pm and the game starts at 6pm. Feel free to go support your middle school, eat some good food, and play along with them after our rehearsal ends. These kids are the future of our program so go recruit and MAKE SURE TO WEAR BJ BAND GEAR!!

2) I’ve attached the most complete list of all-state festivals and college honor band that I can find. Some of the website are quite up to date but I thought I’d get the list out early. Information will be available on these website regarding deadlines, fees, audition music, clinicians, etc. These are a great way to scope out the music scene at your favorite college and compete against students outside our general area. TAKE ADVANTAGE AND APPLY NOW! As brought up at our last booster meeting, there are just too many honor bands for Mr. Thornton and myself to accompany students. Lodging is an individual responsibility. However, please don’t hesitate to contact me and/or other parents about arranging group travel/lodging for these honor band. The All-State Orchestra, Jazz, and Band music is online to start practicing early!! Participating in these festivals looks great on college applications and sets you apart for music scholarships.

Hope everyone has a restful Wednesday in preparation for this weekend. Have a great night!

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School

2014-15 Honor Bands.pdf