Dinner for Friday and Saturday

Hello Everyone,

This Friday is our first away from Madison game and it is two hours away at Gadsden. The kids will be dismissed from class and we will leave from the school. We are ordering box lunches from Jimmy John’s. There will be ham or turkey sandwiches on white or whole wheat bread, chips, a cookie and water. Because we are in a time crunch everyone will eat on the bus on the way to Gadsden. The cost is $7. Please put the money in an envelope with the name and place it in the band box by Friday. I am giving an exact count to Jimmy John’s Thursday morning. If you are NOT going to participate please let me know by the end of the day on WEDNESDAY. If you are not participating, you will need to BRING YOUR OWN dinner. Water will be provided and there will be a snack on the way home.

I appreciate your cooperation with this late minute notice. Plan A did not work out, Plan B was not a good idea and here we are at Plan C.

For the competition on Saturday we are not ordering food. Please BRING YOUR OWN dinner. We will eat as soon as we get to Hendersonville. There will be water and a snack on the way home.

This will be a good time to make sure that you are signed up for the return home text.

Ms. Thomas will send out an email with instructions for the weekend.

But the Mom in me feels like I need to say:

There will be NO BATHROOM breaks while on the road.

Please make sure your uniform is clean.

Make sure you have everything – pants, jacket. compression gear, gloves, hat, lyre, and flip folder. Bring it all to school Friday morning.

Put your pants in the washer as soon as you get home Friday night. Go to bed. Put them in the dyer in the morning.

If you are in competition band, your uniform will need to be washed for Saturday.

Eat a good lunch after practice on Saturday.

You can disregard this if you don’t need it. Or you may be more experienced than me and have things to add.

I am very excited about this weekend and showing off our band!

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President