Volunteer Background Check

Dear Parents,

I apologize for the second email. I forgot to include a couple of things.

To complete the background check: go to the Madison City Schools website and find the “I want to volunteer” button. It is not very big and you may miss it. OR you can go to our BJHS Band website and find the “Background Check” button. You can’t miss it. Thank you, Janine!

These will take you to the BIB link to start the check. Like I said it is easy to do and does not take but a few minutes. The cost is $14.95. This is not an instant check. Please use the Lobby Guard check in the lobby of the school until you receive your background check approval. You can bring the sticker to the band room and place it in the band box. When you do receive your approval make a copy of the card and place it in the band box.

This is required for all volunteers who have contact with the students – chaperones, nurses, equipment crew, photographers, uniforms, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation with this new requirement.

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President