Reminder about Uniform Care

Parents and Guardians,

Just wanting to send out a reminder about uniform wear and care. Please wash pants on permanent press or gentle cycle after each game by unsnapping the hem and treating all stains. Refer to the Uniform Care Guide in your band handbook or online at Charms for helpful cleaning instructions. Also wash jackets when needed or at least once after every three events. These must be washed separately!! Also, you may dry them on a cool setting, but I recommend letting them air dry. Most importantly is to RE-SNAP and IRON the hem to where it falls right at the stitching on the shoe, a half-inch below the top near the ankle. If a previous hemline crease shows and you are having difficulty ironing out, I recommend steam ironing it out before re-snapping. We have noticed many students not having their pants ironed at the hem or seeing multiple hemline creases.


There is stain remover called OdoBan Sports Edge stain & odor pretreatment (step 1) sold at Walmart that is really good at getting out stains. I personally have used it for the past three weekends to remove the black marks that the cymbals cause. It works like a charm and has lessened the look of old stains.

Ms. Thomas reminded the students last Friday about the dos and don’ts of how to take care of their hats. I am adding care tips on the hats below.

1. Always store hats in their proper container when not in use.

2. Spot clean with a mild liquid cleaner (such as Woolite or mild dishwashing detergent) diluted with cold water.

3. Scrub soiled parts gently with a soft sponge to remove dirt particles.

4. Allow the hat to air dry. Do NOT place in the dryer.

5. DO NOT dry clean, use spot-cleaning chemicals or bleach.

Again, if anyone is having difficulty with washing, ironing, hemming, etc, please email or call Joy or I. We will be happy to help.

Amy Crosby


Joy Fredrickson