Military Appreciation with JCHS band

Details for the week:

**Rehearsal with JCHS Band Thursday 4:30-5:30pm at BJHS band field
– Attached is the military drill set. Section leaders will assign numbers. I will also send a coordinate sheet in a follow up email for those dots that are a bit hard to see the numbers. In general, ‘X’s are them and ‘B’s are us. In small print you’ll see a letter and number. Your section leaders will explain more. Please record these in your dot books for tomorrow.
– Competition band will rehearse 3:45-4:30pm prior to arrival of JCHS band so prepare accordingly, equipment wise. (Non-competition band students should be stretched, warmed up, and ready to go by 4:15pm- NO LATER!)
– There will be a Sonic Slushie Social immediately following rehearsal for all BJHS and JCHS band students and staff. Please stay, socialize, and cool off after rehearsal.
– There will be over 360 STUDENTS on the field tomorrow during rehearsal. I expect nothing but the best behavior from our students. All rehearsal protocol remains the same (standby, set, no talking, dot books, proper rehearsal attire, etc.).

**Pep rally Friday 4th block
– Jerseys and jeans to school, with a belt, tucked in, and tennis shoes.
– Students: You will be dismissed at 2:30pm to report to the bandroom. Come promptly, get your equipment, and we will go to the gym together.

***Football game vs. James Clemens on Friday
– We will follow regular home game schedule (report at 5pm to bandroom in whites).
– We will NOT perform our halftime show this week, as to make room for the joint salute to our armed forces with JCHS band.
– We will be VERY strict with cleanliness of uniforms this week. If your uniform has not been cleaned and ironed/pressed, pants the correct length, shoes clean, etc., you will NOT travel with us and will receive a zero for this performance. Please come prepared.

– Please keep the uniforms clean!!
– Bring something to change into after the game.
– No horseplay on the buses to/from the stadium.
– Leave no belongings in the bandroom after the game.
– Parents: Please remember to send all excuses for absences in written form to the directors- an email alone does not count. If we do receive this, we will deduct grades accordingly.

Alright, I think that’s all for now. I apologize for the tardiness and hurried sense of this email. As you can see on the military drill page, some of the numbers are hard to read. I was in the process of re-creating a page from Mr. Anderson’s original set with just our numbers on it when my computer froze and I lost about 45 minutes worth of work. The coordinate sheet will be sent following this email. It should help a lot.

Thanks again for all your hard work, whether it be student, parent, volunteer, staff, or booster board. You guys are amazing and I can’t wait for another week in the stadium.

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School