Our first "real" game!

Hi all,

The time is here, our first actual game! It’s been a long and grueling 7 weeks of preparation and tomorrow it will all be worth it! I just wanted to send some reminders so you can prepare adequately.

Pep rally
– 2:10pm Students dismissed to bandroom
– 3:00pm Pep rally in main gym
– 5:00pm All return to school in “whites” (see description below)
– 5:30pm Depart for Madison City Stadium
– 10:30pm Return from stadium and unload (Subscribe to the text alert message system by texting “@bjband2014” to (512) 337-4343 to a more accurate time of our return)

– Students are to report to bandroom in their “whites,” which consist of their compression shorts, compression shirt, long white socks, marching shoes (CLEANED AND POLISHED), and their white band pants. Their jacket is to be hung in the provided garment bag, hat should be in hat box, and gloves, lyre, and flip folders should be in their red string bag. Please read pg. 13 of the handbook for more specific details.
– Section leaders will perform uniform inspection before leaving the bandroom. Anyone who does not pass (ex. not wearing compression shirt/shorts, unclean pants, etc.) will be sent to the directors and will not be allowed to travel with the band to the game. This will result in a “0” as a test grade. Please come prepared and read the handbook carefully.
– ALL STUDENTS (including dance team and color guard) MUST CHANGE OUT OF THEIR UNIFORM BEFORE LEAVING THE BANDROOM AFTER WE UNLOAD THE TRUCKS. Please bring something to change into once we return to the bandroom after the game. Per the handbook, any student seen in any part of the uniform outside a band function will receive a “0” for a test grade for that performance and will be benched for the next performance, resulting in another “0.” Our uniforms are for band functions only, so please honor that by bringing something to change into.

**More details will be discussed tomorrow in all classes, but please read pg. 13 in the handbook to preface that conversation.

– Parents: Please provide a written note/doctor’s excuse for all absences after school. Mr. Thornton and I both receive between 50-100 emails a day and we don’t want any emailed excuses falling through the cracks. Please send notes with your kids the next day. Additionally, you’ll find all “approved” excuses on pg. 15 of the handbook. If the absence doesn’t fall under these approved excuses, then the student will receive a “0” for that rehearsal/performance. If no note is received (wind players, percussion, dance team, and color guard included), then a “0” will be entered. A note turned into the office does not help us, as we do not have access to those. Please provide a second note turned directly into either myself or Mr. Thornton the next day. And as always, excessive absences, Thursday absences in particular, might/will result in loss of performance privileges.

– We have only had our new uniforms since last October. Since that time, most of them have been returned and re-issued in pristine condition. We did, however, have several that were dingy, molded, and/or completely ruined after only wearing them for a few performances. Last year when we bought them, we set a goal of making this set of uniforms last 8-10 years. That will only happen if each of you does your part to take care of your individual uniform by following the care instructions found in the back of handbook. Based on some uniforms I saw that were returned last year, I would’ve guessed they had only been washed maybe once since they had been issued. This is unacceptable. Cleanliness is a part of the uniform inspection process for each game. We will be VERY strict this year when it comes to this. We took a huge risk last year sending the uniform home for the first time. For most, it worked well. For others, it backfired and they ended up having the pay to replace some/all of the uniform before receiving another one this year. If you do not have access to a reliable washing machine, please contact our uniform chairs, Amy Crosby (amy.cook.crosby@gmail.com) and/or Joy Fredrickson (JoyFred1011@yahoo.com), for assistance.

Now that all the boring details are out of the way, I want to express my appreciation for each one of you. This organization has so many valuable parts that add up to make up one quality product. We would be nothing without the hard work/discipline of the students, the support of the parents, the passion of our staff, the selflessness of our volunteers, and the planning/innovation of our booster board and committee chairs. Parents- please take time to stop by and introduce yourselves to both Mr. Thornton and me sometime. We always love connecting a student with a parent and sharing our experiences. Students- I can’t wait to see you in those uniforms tomorrow night. It’s pretty cool to sit back and enjoy you guys entertaining the crowd and having fun. 100%!!

Thanks for a great start to the year, everyone. Looking forward to tomorrow night. Go Patriots!!

Leigh S. Thomas
Assistant Band Director, Bob Jones High School