Volunteer Opportunity Sign up, Part 2 Concessions

August 2014

Dear Marching Band, Color Guard, and Dance Team parents,

Welcome to the Bob Jones Marching Band Concession Season 2014/15.

For many years the BJHS Band Boosters have been given the opportunity to run the Madison City Stadium concession stand during all BJHS football home games. This is our biggest annual fundraiser and we recognize it as a privilege, knowing many other school organizations would love to have this possibility. Therefore, we try our best to provide good quality food and friendly service as well as making it a fun and pleasant experience for all involved.

There are quite a few jobs to choose from and my goal is to give you more information so you can choose the ones that suit you best. As a seasoned concession worker, you may already know what job you want, but if you don’t, or you’re a parent of a new member, take a look at the “Concession Stand Job Descriptions” which should help you find the options that will work best for you.

Some jobs can be rather stressful and require constant attention, especially during well visited games (cashier). Others don’t need as much attention to detail (food handler), smell good (popcorn) and even allow you to bring a chair (bleacher barrels) to watch the halftime show and game. If you have an outgoing personality, love to interact with people and have a healthy back, you might like to carry a belly tray for the evening to sell concessions in the bleachers. Fans and visitors are equally grateful for this service, and we’ve found it brings our revenues up quite a bit as well. These are only examples. Please refer to the “Concession Stand Job Descriptions” for more choices, and keep in mind that should there be a shortage of volunteers, or last minute duty cancellations, we might have to ask you to be flexible and possibly work a job you have not chosen on the signup.

On the signup you will also notice that we need volunteers for “stocking duty” on Wednesday mornings before Friday Varsity games. These are short shifts and if you can sign up for all of them, they will count them as 1 fulfilled duty. If you consider signing up for “stocking duty”, please sign up for all 4 that are currently on the band calendar or contact me for help. We only have 4 of those days during regular season, possibly 5.

If 2 people work 1 shift each for the same student one night, all concession duties for that student’s reduced marching fee will be fulfilled. This doesn’t mean you can’t work again! If you find working concessions is something you enjoy, you are always welcome to volunteer, especially during games towards the end of the season or possible playoff games.

Important dates for many families are Homecoming (9/26) and Senior Night (10/24). When signing up to work, please understand that the concession stand gets quite busy during half time and volunteers cannot leave the stand to participate or watch special events. If the ceremonies are important to you, please don’t sign up for those nights. If you won’t be participating in the ceremonies, taking your duty one of those nights will be greatly appreciated to allow others to participate.

Please read over our “Concession Stand Rules & Guidelines”. Most of these rules are mandated by the County Health Department. We are subject to inspection and never know when an inspection may take place. Violations result in deductions from the 100 point scale they use for their food service permits, so we strictly adhere to their rules at all times.

To further stress the importance of these rules, I will attach them to reminder emails that will be sent 2 days prior to your chosen duty dates. Please confirm these reminders by either return email or text to my cell phone (256-617-2752) to avoid a follow up call. If you find yourself unable to fulfill a job you’ve signed up for, please make an effort to send a replacement volunteer in your place. That person can either work for you or get credit for their student. Please notify me of any changes as soon as possible.

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone, text or email for further questions, concerns or accommodation of special needs. I will do my best to honor your preferences.

Thank you very much for bearing with me through this long letter. I hope I was able to answer most of your questions.


Gabi Bowerman

Bob Jones Marching Band

Concession Team Lead


cell 256-617-2752

To sign up to work concessions at a particular game to the BJHS Band website: https://bjhsband.com/

Select Calendar from the menu across the top or find the “VOLUNTEER” button in the middle of the page

On the calendar look for the Friday night games with a hand icon and click on it

This will take you to the sign up for that particular game

Fill in the information and you are done!

Because this calendar is linked through CHARMS you may be asked for a school code. You can follow the steps to get the school code (select state, city, school) or enter: BJonesHSBand. Press “Enter CHARMS”, then “Public Calendar”. This will take you to the calendar.

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President