Volunteer Opportunities, Part 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2014 Marching Band Season! I hope that your family is off to a good start.

This is the kick off of Volunteer Sign Up!

There will be two emails concerning volunteer opportunities. This one, Part 1, and another one, Part 2, all about concessions stand volunteers.

In taking this job I have come to realize the enormity of the marching band and what it takes to get the kids onto the field. Everything from uniforms, to water, to popsicles, to chaperones, to forms galore. All of these are important. It also takes money. We all pay band fees but that is not enough. We make the majority of our money for the general fund in the concessions stand at the football games. Last year we made about $20,000. It is important that everyone participate.

Please remember that when you paid your fees for Band Boosters that there were two options, one with a volunteer discount and one without. In order to receive the volunteer discount we need your family to volunteer twice in the concessions stand and to fill one other volunteer slot.

Volunteer Needs:

Chaperones – 10 Chaperones are needed for every game. For a detailed job description, go to the BJHS Band website under Parent Info, Volunteer Opportunities. Chaperones account for all of the students riding their bus and help with duties in the stands. If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Rist at sherryrist@gmail.com or Kirsten Lewis at eagle.kirsten.lewis@gmail.com

To sign up to be a Chaperone at a particular game go to the BJHS Band website: https://bjhsband.com/

Select Calendar from the menu across the top or find the “VOLUNTEER” button in the middle of the page

On the calendar look for the Friday night games with a hand icon and click on it

This will take you to the sign up for that particular game

Fill in the information and you are done!

Because this calendar is linked through CHARMS you may be asked for a school code. You can follow the steps to get the school code (select state, city, school) or enter: BJonesHSBand. Press “Enter CHARMS”, then “Public Calendar”. This will take you to the calendar.

Uniform Committee — This is a committee of 8 people to rotate working for all games, competitions and parades. For a detailed job description, go to the BJHS Band website under Parent Info, Volunteer Opportunities. Members will also help with issuing and turning in uniforms. We need two more people for this committee. Please email Amy Crosby if you are interested at: amy.cook.crosby@gmail.com

Truck Drivers/Equipment

1) Equipment Truck Drivers- Oversee band equipment loading, halftime support, drive/ride from the band room to the game and back.

2) Halftime Band Equipment Support: Help the band members get their equipment on and off the field for the halftime show.

Please contact Mike Delmas at mrdelmas@aol.com if you are interested in helping with either of these positions.

Photographers/Videographers – It is so fun to look at pictures up close of our kids in the stand and on the field. Some of you have already said that you would be interested in doing this. Please email Cindy Leaphart at cindyleaphart@gmail.com

Nurses — If you are currently licensed in AL and would be willing to rotate games, parades and competitions with others, please email Cindy Leaphart at cindyleaphart@gmail.com

Treasurer/Money Counting Committee — This would be a group of 6 people that would count the money from the concessions starting about the beginning of the 4th quarter until all of the money has been counted. Please contact Kathy Gereski at dgereski@knology.net

Fund Raising Committee – Fundraising volunteer opportunities will arise throughout the year and we hope you’ll be able to help. Some of these will be “done in a day, while others such as processing orders for fundraisers, ticket sales, distribution of pecans and other items sold, and spirit wear sales will come up more often. Thank you in advance for your help. We look forward to working with you. Please contact Angela Gary at 256-837-2457 or GarysinAL@knology.net to help with spirit wear, or Lou Justice at 256-830-8319 or LouJ77@aol.com to help with other fundraisers.

Also remember to look at the Volunteer Opportunity Part 2 Email concerning concessions volunteers.

Thank you for helping to make 2014 a successful marching season!

Cindy Leaphart

BJHS Band Booster President