2014 – 2015 BJHS Band Handbook




2013-14 BJHS Band Staff

Mission Statement and Goals

The Band Program

–  OrganizationalStructure

–  Performing Ensembles

–  Auditions

–  Rehearsal Responsibilities

–  Leadership


–  FinancialResponsibilities(Fees/Expenses)

–  Uniforms

–  Uniform Process

Rules and Regulations

–  AcademicCredit

–  Grading

–  Attendance

–  Bandroom

Band Boosters

–  Overview

–  Meetings

–  Fundraisers

–  Email/Charms

–  Chaperones

– Executive Board 2013-14

–  Committee Chairs


–  Recommended Equipment/Instruments

–  Private Lesson Teachers

–  Appendix (Guard, Drumlline, Dance Team Expenses)

–  Charms Access Instructions



Welcome to the 2014-15 edition of the Bob Jones High School Patriot Band Program! Wearepleasedthatyouhavechosentobeapartoftheprogramduringthis dynamic time. Band Director Doyle Thornton, now entering his 26th year of service at BJHS, and Assistant Director Leigh Thomas, in her 3nd year at BJHS, are dedicated to both the long-standing tradition of excellence at BJHS as well as innovations that will push the program further than ever before. Hoping to uphold our current enrollment of 200-250 students, we are pleased to offer the following as a part of our diverse curriculum at Bob Jones High School: marching band, competition marching band, color guard, dance team, wind ensemble, concert band, winter guard, indoor percussion, jazz band, and chamber ensembles.

The BJHS band program would be nothing without the efforts of those who came before this 2014-15 edition. Last year, the Bob Jones Band was named Grand Champion of the Outback Bowl Band Competition. Members of the BJHS band have also participated in All State Honor Band, All State Jazz Band, solo and ensemble, and various others honors. Colleges and universities throughout the Southeast and the entire country have frequently sought out BJHS alumni for membership in their music programs. Themulti-facetedcurriculumofferedatBobJonesHighSchoolexposes students to high levels of excellence, expectations, and opportunities with the goal of preparing students for post-secondary participation in music.

The 2014-15 school year brings with it the addition of a new freshman class and many opportunities for our students to express themselves through music. We are looking forward to a great year. Go Patriots!



2013-14 BJHS Band Staff

Doyle Thornton

Band Director (ddthornton@madisoncity.k12.al.us)

Leigh Thomas

Assistant Band Director (leighthomas24@gmail.com)

  • –  Bryan Barley, Adjunct Instructor/Arranger, Marching & Indoor Percussion
  • –  Jonathan Beavers, Percussion Instructor & Indoor Drumline Co-Director
  • –  Brooke Howe, Color Guard Instructor (brookedhowe@gmail.com)
  • –  John Howe, Adjunct Instructor/Arranger, Marching & Concert Band
  • –  Josh Langham, Physical Trainer, Football & Competition Marching Bands
  • –  Zack Melton, Adjunct Instructor/Arranger, Marching & Indoor Percussion
  • –  Monroe Murray, Adjunct Instructor, Jazz (lmmurray@madisoncity.k12.al.us)
  • –  Katie Robertson, Dance Team Coach (kerobertson@madisoncity.k12.al.us)
  • –  Neely Smith, Adjunct Instructor/Choreographer, Color Guard





We, the Bob Jones High School Band, strive to be RESPECTFUL by treating everyone equally, STEADFAST through infinite encouragement, MA TURE by holding ourselves to high standards, and UNIFIED by working together to achieve our goals. We also strive to have INTEGRITY by being accountable for one another and have FUN by staying positive and “salty,” as Mr. Parker would say.

10 Goals for the 2014-15 Year

  1. Make every practice beneficial.
    • Set goals, minimize talking, be motivated, and solve problems quickly.
  2. Take pride in ourselves.
    • Practice like you perform, be mature/focused/classy, and stay positive in all circumstances.
  3. Maintain high standards from start to finish.
    • State out loud what standards are and be detail oriented.
  4. Utilize skill and practice to perform our best at every competition.
    • Remain focused throughout the day and strive for high levels of individual contribution.
  5. Be respectful.
    • Every person is important. Respect everyone, regardless of grade level.  Cultivate mutual respect between section leaders and members.
  6. Look the part.
    • Take pride in our appearance. Keep uniforms clean and carry ourselves with pride when in uniform.
  7. Put your all into EVERY show.
    • Have fun with shows, don’t project mistakes, and perform EVERY rep.
  8. Set clear goals and MEET THEM.
    • For yourself, your section, and the entire band.
  9. Grow into a unified band.
    • Act like a family and get together outside of band rehearsals.
  10. Never forget: ALL IN OR ALL OUT.

Products of the 2014-15 BJHS Leadership Team 





Organizational Structure


Section leaders (marching)

Principle players (concert)

Drum Majors (marching only)


Command structureThe organizational structure above is designed to effectively and efficiently inform all students and parents of events, policies, and procedures of the Bob Jones High School Band Program. It is also meant to serve as a diplomatic and successful problem-solving tool. The directors and staff of the band program always seek to find an “in-house” solution to every question, problem, and query.

  • Students: Please use the extensive network of student and professional leadership listed above to stay informed and solve any problems that may arise.
  • Parents: Please use the abbreviated organizational structure in the box above.
    • Contact Boosters- finances, forms, chaperones, uniforms, etc.
    • Contact Directors- attendance, grades, auditions, honor band/all-state questions, general questions/concerns relating to your child, etc.



Performing Ensembles

Fall Semester

– Marching Band

  •  Marching Band– The marching band participates at every home and away football game as a part of the pregame show, stands music, and halftime show. Members also participate in various parades and pep rallies throughout the fall semester. Membership in this ensemble is based on auditions held each spring semester. This group won the parade competition and Grand Champions at the Outback Bowl in 2013.


  • Competition Marching Band–  This ensemble is an elite group chosen from the members of the entire marching band. Along with all other marching band functions, this group will participate in several marching competitions during September and October. Membership in this ensemble is determined based on music auditions, recommendations from the middle school directors, and/or evaluations during the first week of band camp. This group won Outstanding Field Show and performed during pregame of the Outback Bowl in 2013-14.


  • Color Guard–  Color Guard functions as an auxiliary group to both the marching band and competition marching band. Auditions each spring determine general membership, while summer rehearsals/clinics determine distinct weapon and flag lines and competition marching band membership. All functions of the marching band and competition marching band listed above apply to members of the colorguard. This group won Outstanding Band Front in the Outback Bowl in 2013.
  • Dance Team– Dance team is an auxiliary group exclusive to the marching band. Members are chosen by auditions held each spring. All functions and events of the marching band listed above apply to dance team members. They also perform at several BJHS basketball games.

– Jazz Band

  • Jazz Band is a small, extracurricular ensemble. Membership of this ensemble is determined by auditions held the first few weeks of each semester. Events and functions will vary from semester to semester, whichmayincludesmallconcerts,specialevents,fundraisers,etc. The number of jazz bands might fluctuate depending on the number of studentsinterested. Thegroupwon“OutstandingJazzEnsemble”atthe Outback Bowl Band Festival in 2013 and is directed by Monroe Murray (Discovery Middle School Band Director) and Leigh Thomas.

    Spring Semester


–  Concert Ensembles

  • Wind Ensemble– Wind Ensemble serves as the top concert ensemble at Bob Jones High School. Membership of this group is determined by auditions held each spring, which apply to both the marching and concert bands. Members do NOT have to be in marching band to participateinWindEnsemble. TheWindEnsemblewillparticipate in the state Music Performance Assessment (MPA) in February/March, a springconcert,andaspringcompetitiontrip. WindEnsemblecompetes in the AA class, performing college level literature. Director Doyle Thornton and the Wind Ensemble received straight superior ratings at MPA and the spring competition in 2013.


  • Concert Band– Concert Band is the second concert ensemble at Bob Jones High School. Membership is also determined by auditions each spring. Members do NOT have to be in marching band to participate in Concert Band. Concert Band participates in the state Music Performance Assessment (MPA) in February/March and a spring concert. Concert Band competes in the BB class, performing grade 3-4 literature. Director Leigh Thomas and the Concert Band received straight superior ratings at MPA in 2013.


  • Instrumental Tech– This class is offered to further one’s individual study of an instrument. Students may range from beginners to advanced and may play a range of instruments (e.g. guitar, trumpet, percussion, piano, etc.). Students will receive private instruction, as well as individual practice time to further advance musical aptitude on their instruments.

– Winter Guard:  The Bob Jones Winter Guard is a select group of color guard members that competes in the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit during the spring semester. Auditions held during November determine membership of thisensemble. Winterguardisanextracurricularensembleandcompetesin several Saturday competitions during the spring semester. Directors Nichole Murray and Brooke Howe led the Winter Guard to the silver medal in the Scholastic Regional A class in 2013 and will be competing in the Scholastic AA class in 2014.

–  Indoor Drumline: The Bob Jones Indoor Drumline is an elite group of percussion students that competes in SCGC and WGI during the spring semester. Auditions held in November determine the roster for this ensemble. Indoor Drumline rehearses both during class and after school. Director Leigh Thomas and the Indoor Drumline received the gold medal in the Scholastic Open class at SCGC Championships in 2013.
– Jazz Band: See description above.



An audition is required for admittance into any of the performing ensembles at Bob Jones High School. Information pertaining to audition dates, material, and other details can be found throughout the year at http://www.bjhsband.com/auditions.

– Wind Instruments

  • Wind players audition each spring (April/May) for placement in marching and concert ensembles. Major and chromatic scales, etudes, and sightreading comprise the audition material, available online seven days prior to auditions. Judges are brought in to ensure a level of objectivity. Audition scores, as well as instrumentation needs, prior director recommendations, and director’s discretion influence placement in fall (marching/competition marching) and spring (wind ensemble/concert band) ensembles.
  • Challenges– Chair placement challenges must be done one chair at a time. Music will be chosen by the director one week before the challenge occurs. Two weeks must pass before a challenge can be repeated once results are determined. Challenges CANNOT be done in the two weeks before any performance.

– Percussion

  • Marching/Competition Band- Fall percussion auditions are each held in spring (April/May). Information/material is available online.
  • Indoor Drumline- Auditions for this spring ensemble occur during November each year. Unless otherwise approved by the director, you mustbeinmarchingbandtoaudition. Allmembersmustalsoparticipate in a concert band.

– Color Guard

  • Marching/Competition Band- Auditions for fall color guard occur in spring (April/May). A clinic will be held the week of auditions to help preparethoseauditioning. Auditionswillconsistofseveralflagbasicsand a short routine taught at the clinic.
  • Winter Guard- Auditions for this spring ensemble are in November. Auditions consist of both an individual and group routine.

–  Dance Team

  • Dance Team auditions take place each spring (April/May).

–  Jazz Band

  • Auditions for jazz band will occur at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. Information and material will be available online during the first week of the semester. Instrumentation and personnel may vary dependingonthesongchoice. Auditionresultswilldeterminepart placement.


Rehearsal Responsibilities

Each performing ensemble requires different rehearsal responsibilities. Attendance is MANDATORY for all rehearsals. Please consider any conflicts or outside obligations before committing to an ensemble.

Fall Schedule


Fall Band Schedule



Spring Schedule

Spring Band Scheduletop


Student Leadership



     Student leaders are vital to the success of the band program. Such positions are in place to aide the directors in the management of the program. Additionally, student leaders are expected to uphold high standards of behavior, work ethic, and overall attitude, three key aspects needed by be exemplary members. Leadership opportunities exist in every performing ensemble, and each carries an appointment/audition process and a unique set of responsibilities.

     – Marching Band

  • Drum Majors- This is the highest level of student leadership. These three positions are chosen based on a music audition (see “Auditions” section), marching audition, essay, and conducting audition. Specific information is available online at http://www.bjhsband.com/auditions. Drum majors:
    • Coordinate section leaders
    • Manage rehearsal
    • Maintain the practice field
    • Coordinate electronics
    • Maintain band room organization
    • Any additional tasks given by the directors
  • Section Leaders- Section Leaders are chosen by a music audition, marching auditions, and leadership application. Section Leaders:
    • Support the drum majors
    • Conduct music/marching sectionals
    • Maintain the practice field
    • Execute uniform inspection
    • Take attendance at ALL rehearsals
    • Monitor band room and locker cleanliness
    • Any other tasks given by the drum majors or directors
  • Section Captains- Section Captains serve to coordinate and monitor section leaders within their domains. One woodwind, brass, and percussion captain will be chosen.

     – Concert Band

  • Principal Players- These positions are chosen by a music audition (see “Auditions” section). Principal players are expected to:
    • Maintain music organization
    • Conduct music sectionals
    • Take attendance
    • Monitor cleanliness of band room and lockers
    • Any other tasks given by the directors
     –  Winter Guard/Indoor Drumline:  Extensions of marching band but may or may not remain the same from fall to spring.




Financial Responsibilities

There are various fees and expenses associated with the band program that contribute to its operating budget during the year. Each student’s finances are managed in individual accounts by the band booster treasurer and can be accessed via Charms by students and/or parents. Fundraising opportunities throughout the year are designed to help students earn money toward these expenses. Please adhere to any payment schedules set by the directors/boosters, as the band program is dependent upon timely payments to purchase equipment/services throughout the year. Any fees/expenses not paid by the end of the semester will result in grades being held by the school.

Fall Semester (see Appendix for Guard, Indoor Drumline, and Dance Team expenses)

Fall Fees (payable by check or online at bjhs.madisoncity.k12.al.us)

  • $250 Marching Band fee (due during band camp)
    • $150 if wind/percussion parents work concessions (see pg. 17)
    • $100 if dance team/competition guard parents work concessions
  • $25 Band Camp fee (due at auditions)
  • $50 Class fee (paid with other class fees during schedule pick-up)
  • $75 Instrument Rental fee (for school instruments; due August 19th)

– Fall Expenses (payable by check/cash)

  • $50 Band Jersey (New members only; order by June 1 from Laurie Price)
  • $35 Drillmaster marching shoes (available during band camp)
  •  $8 White gloves (available during band camp)
  • $10 Music flip folder (available during band camp)
  • $25 Uniform package (t-shirt, compression shorts, string bag, poncho)
  • $10 Long white socks (available at Wal-Mart/Target)

Spring Semester (see Appendix for Winter Guard and Indoor Drumline expenses)

– Spring Fees (payable by check or online at bjhs.madisoncity.k12.al.us)

  • $50 Concert Band fee (due 1st day of spring semester)
  • $50 Class fee (paid during schedule pick-up)
  • $75 Instrument Rental fee (for school instruments; due January 3rd)

– Spring Expenses (payable by check/cash)

  • Males
    • $125 Tuxedo (JC Penney Stafford Brand or similar) § $25 Tuxedo shirt and bow tie
    • $25 Lace up black dress shoes
  • Females
    • $60 Black concert dress (ordered by boosters in December)
    • $20 Mary Jane style black dress shoes



Each ensemble in the band program has a uniform for performances (both fall and spring). Several expenses previously mentioned are associated with these uniforms and are required to participate in any band function. Additionally, the code of conduct outlined in this section is to be adhered to at all times. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in dismissal from the program.

Marching Band

  • Wind and percussion students will be issued a uniform during the first week of bandcamp. A contract will be given to each student outlining details,rules,and costs associated with the uniform. Uniforms will be checked out to the student upon the return of this contract, signed by both the parent and student. This contract is a binding agreement, stating the uniform will be returned in the condition it was issued and failure to do so will result in a fine charged to the student for the amount of the uniform or part that was damaged.
    • Jacket- $170
    • Pants- $70
    • o Gauntlets- $36 o Hat- $46
    • Hat Box- $10
    • Plume- $16
    • Garment bag- $10
  • In addition to the uniform itself, students will be required to purchase an undershirt, compression shorts, white gloves, and white band shoes to complete theuniform. Theseitemswillbeavailableforpurchaseatbandcamp.
  • Drum majors, color guard, and dance team are all responsible for purchasing their uniforms each year. Directors/instructors will provide further information as to cost, care, and specifics regarding these uniforms.
  • General Guidelines
    • No eating or drinking in uniform (except water).
    • No jewelry (except small stud earrings) or nail polish may be worn while in uniform.
    • The uniform must be complete at all times unless otherwise instructed.
    • No changing in and out of uniform will be permitted in any location aside from one’s home, the bandroom, or buses.
    • No profanity or obscene gestures will be allowed in (or out) of uniform.
    • When in uniform, students are representatives of the band program, Bob Jones High School, and the entire Madison community.


Uniform process

  1. Unless otherwise instructed, students will arrive at the bandroom in white uniform pants, compression shorts, undershirt, long white socks, and white shoes. This state will be referred as their “whites.”
  2. The uniform jacket should be hung in the provided garment bag and brought with the student to the bandroom, along with their white gloves.
  3. Students will then finish dressing, get hats from racks, and will undergo uniform inspection conducted by the section leaders. They will be looking for the following:
    • Clean jacket, pants, and white gloves
    • Long white socks with clean/polished white band shoes
    • Correct undershirt and compression shorts
    • Long hair is pulled up, as to fit under the shako.
    • Any violation of the above mentioned specifications will be verified by the directors and will result in dismissal from all activities until specifications are met. Students will NOT be allowed to travel with the band until uniform inspection is passed.
  4. Once at the stadium, students will be issued gauntlets and plumes before entering the field for pregame.
  5. Students will return gauntlets and plumes after the halftime performance.
  6. After the game, students will return to the bandroom, place hats in cases, hang jacket/pants in garment bag, and change into shorts/pants before leaving.
    • Students are NOT allowed to be in any part of the uniform (pants, jacket, shako, gauntlets) outside of a sanctioned band functions.
    • Any student seen in uniform outside of a band function will receive a “0” for that performance, as well as a “0” for the next performance, in which they will not be allowed to participate. Any additional offenses will result in dismissal from the program and further grading penalties.
  7. Students should follow the care instructions provided when uniforms are issued when cleaning between activities. The old and new uniforms require different cleaning procedures. Please refer to the detailed instructions when caring for the uniforms, but try to remember the following key differences:
    • Old uniforms– The jacket is DRY CLEAN ONLY. The pants are to be MACHINE-WASHED every week.
    • New uniforms– Both the jacket and pants are MACHINE-WASHABLE. Pants should be washed each week and jackets should be washed 2-3 times during the season.

Concert/Jazz Band: Please see the Financial Responsibilities section above for details.

Winter Guard/Indoor Drumline: Uniforms vary from year to year and are paid for by students. Directors will provide students with specific details.




Class, rehearsal, sectional, and performance attendance is required of ALL members of the band program. Promptness is also a factor in the grading policy regarding attendance.

School Board Approved Excuses

  1. Personal illness of student (doctor/parent note must be provided)
  2. Death in the immediate family
  3. Inclement weather dangerous to life or health of student (determined byadministration)
  4. Legal quarantine
  5. Emergency conditions (determined by administration or directors)
  6. Other event/condition previously approved by directors

Any student planning to miss any portion of the aforementioned mandatory events MUST contact the DIRECTORS prior to the event to provide justification for the absence. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence and a grade of “0” for said event.

Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the band program for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, any student acquiring an UNEXCUSED absence for a PERFORMANCE will receive an “F” for the nine weeks grading period.


Band Room

The bandroom is our home, and students should strive to treat it as such. Please adhere to the following rules when inside the bandroom:

  1. No food, drink, or gum is allowed over the carpet. Please consume on the tile or in the hall. Water is permitted.
  2. Students will be issued lockers for storage of belongings throughout the school year. These are to be kept clear of trash and clutter and are ONLY TO BE USED BY MEMBERS OF THE BAND PROGRAM. If the combination lock is lost or damaged, students will be fined $5 to replace it.
  3. Due to the diverse nature of each rehearsal/class taking place in the bandroom, it must be returned to its original state after each use. Chairs, stands, instruments, props, floors, and all various equipment are to be stored properly.
  4. Only members of the band program are allowed in the bandroom due to the amount of expensive equipment.
  1. You must ask permission from director to enter either the uniform storage room or the upstairs storage. If you are found in either of these areas without permission, disciplinary action will ensue.
  2. No running, horseplay, or games (football, baseball, soccer, frisbee) will be allowed in the bandroom.
  3. Concert, jazz, and chamber music folders are to be stored in the appropriate music cabinet at all times (except when practicing at home). Students are responsible for replacing lost or damaged music. Grades will be held until replacements arrive.
  4. Do not enter the bandroom unless a school employee is present. You must be in the presence of a school employee to be in the bandroom at any time (before, during, or after school).
  5. If using a school-owned instrument, you are responsible for its daily maintenance and care (oiling valves, greasing cork, etc.). The instrument rental fee covers general maintenance (replacing pads, general repairs, etc.). It DOES NOT cover significant damage such as dents or broken parts. These costs will be billed to the student who checked out that instrument. Please take special care of school-owned instruments, as to not accrue the expensive cost of these repairs.
  6. All rules, policies, and disciplinary procedures outlined in the Bob Jones High School Student Handbook are in effect both in the bandroom and during ALL band functions. Members of the band program should behave in a manner as to positively reflect upon themselves, their parents, the band, Bob Jones High School, Madison City Schools, and the entire Madison community.




The purpose of the band boosters is the support the band program and band directors at Bob Jones High School. Additionally, the boosters serve as the primary fundraising organization for both the band program and its students. Since the band program is completely self-sufficient financially, this fundraising effort is vital to its continued success. Every parent of a student in the band program is a member of the band boosters.




Band booster meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm in the bandroom(unlessotherwisecommunicated). Attendingthesemeetingsensuresthat one has the most up-to-date information regarding current events and progress of the program as a whole. Booster meetings also serve to collect parental input on policies, procedures, and daily operations of both the band program and the boosters. Please mark your calendars ahead for the year and help support your child’s experience in the band program.




As previously stated, the band program is completely self-sufficient, thus requiring fundraising efforts by the directors, boosters, and students. It is imperative thatallinvolvedcontributetothefundraisingeffort. Thisensuresthesurvivalofthe band program.

Student fundraisers are available throughout the year to contribute to the various costs listed in the “financial responsibilities” section. Funds raised by the students will be housed in their student accounts and tracked by the booster treasurer. Money can be used from student accounts to pay for fees, trips, and/or other costs. Any money left at the end of the year will be rolled over to the next year until graduation. If there is a credit balance at this time, it can be transferred to a sibling in the band program. Otherwise, it will enter the general band account.

The principal fundraiser organized by the parents is the football concession stand. In order to keep band fees at a minimum, every parent is expected to work the concession stand twice during football season. A se of parents working once also satisfies this requirement. Parents planning to work the concession stand will receive$100offthemarchingbandfee,providedtheyfulfilltheobligation. Those who do NOT choose to work will be expected to pay the full $250 marching band fee.




The band program’s primary means of communication is parent and student email. TheseareobtainedduringregistrationandrecordedintheCharmsOffice program. Charms also keeps track of all booster records, including balance of student accounts, uniform checkout, band locker checkout, and instrument checkout. Usernames and passwords to Charms will be issued at the first band booster meeting of the year. Parents are encouraged to monitor the site for details regarding finances.




Volunteering to chaperone is a great way to meet other parents and assist the students. TheChaperoneCoordinator(CaronWidgren)organizes,contacts,andtrains parents to be chaperones. Unless contacted, please do not assume you have chaperone duties. Not every parent to sign up will be chosen to chaperone that particular event and will be contacted to chaperone another event if scheduling allows it.

– Responsibilities

  • Ride buses to/from events
    • Take attendance every time the bus is loaded.
    • No coed seating on the bus after dark.
    • Two chaperones are assigned to each bus.
  • Escort students
    • To and from restroom (must have permission from directors)
    • To bus if leaving early from an event
  • Collect parent notes when students leave early.
    •  Students MUST provide parent note and must leave with that parent.
    • Make note of these excuses on bus roster and keep them.
    • These excuses must be pre-approved by the directors.
  •  Distribute snacks and water before/after event.
  • Football games:
    • Help with seat covers (before/after game at the stadium).
    • Pass out water after pregame and halftime, provide water to the visiting band, and distribute water/snacks after each game.
    • Collect trash at the stadium and on the bus (provided trash bags).
    • Help moving drum major, front ensemble, and band equipment from truck, to stands, to field, and to truck.
    • Monitor cell phone usage and food consumption (both are prohibited).
    • Parents may not enter stands, so communicate messages to students
    • Parents who have chaperoned at least twice will receive priority for chaperoning competitions. 




Executive Board 2013-14


  • Donna Elegante
    • dmke@knology.net
    • 256) 289-9586/(256) 772-8044

1st Vice President

  • Lisa Carter
    • ltcarter@knology.net
    • (256) 797-6844/(256) 772-6844

2nd Vice President (Fundraising)

  • Lori Sacco
    • saccola@knology.net
    • (256) 503-5884

Drumline Vice President

  • Kathryn Barr
    • Kathryn@6barrs.com
    • (256) 683-3012


  • Paula McCoy
    • pmccoy@knology.net
    • (256) 509-8209/(256) 837-7907

Treasurer (Boosters)

  • Lou Justice
    • Louj77@aol.com
    • (256) 682-7084/(256) 830-8319

Treasurer (Drumline)

  • Tonia Beavers
    • tonia.beavers@yahoo.com
    • (256) 617-0859

Treasurer (Color Guard)

  • Sheila Raby
    • sheilaraby@gmail.com
    • (256) 797-5962




Appointed Committee Chairs


  • Patty Matice & Gabi Bowerman
    • pattymat@gmail.com
    • Patty: (256) 653-4291/(256) 461-7251

Concession Volunteers

  • Holly Walker
    • hollycm105@yahoo.com
    • (256) 503-0872


  • Caron Widgren & Sherry Rist
    • cwidgren@knology.net
    • Caron: (256) 694-0990/(256) 837-1823


  • Cindy Allen
    • Cindyallen89@gmail.com
    • (256) 656-4183


  • Cynthia Larsen
    • cmcynthia@bellsouth.net
    • (256) 508-6960/(256) 890-0334


  • Janice Mason & Monica Stoots
    • Janice: bowlingpineapple@aol.com
    • (256) 679-0283/(256) 772-3508

If you have a question regarding one of the aforementioned offices or committees, please contact the person in that SPECIFIC POSITION for a solution. This will ensure that your question gets answered accurately and promptly. Additionally, it willdiminishtheamountofforwardingbythedirectorsandboosterpresident. As previously stated in the “Organizational Structure” section, contact the directors regarding specific questions regarding your child’s academics (honor bands/absences/grades/etc.). Contact the booster officers/committee chairs for all other inquiries.

Booster board elections occur at the last meeting of the year. A nominating committee submits recommendations for officers and the general booster population votes on the outcome. Stay tuned throughout the end of the year for further details if interested in a position.



Recommended Equipment/Instruments


  • Gemeinhardt 4PMH 50 Series (composite body) average price $485
  • Gemeinhardt 4W average price $879


  • Gemeinhardt 53SB 50 Series average price $965
  • KGB Special* average price $1295
  • Sonore 6000 average price $1795
  • Yamaha 481H average price $1606
  • Yamaha 584H average price $1746


B flat Soprano Clarinet

  • Buffet R-13* average price $2095
  • Accent average price $1495
  • Recommended Mouthpieces: Vandoren B45*; Vandoren 5RV; Larry Combs
  • Recommended Ligatures: Rovner, Luyben, Glotin, Bonade*
  • Recommended Reeds: Vandoren, Mitchell Lurie, Marca

Bass Clarinet

  • Buffet
  • Noblet
  • Selmer
  • Recommended Mouthpieces: Vandoren B45; Selmer C*
  • Recommended Ligatures: Rovner, Glotin*
  • Recommended Reeds: Vandoren*, Mitchell Lurie, Marca


Alto Saxophone

  • Yanagisawa – A901 or A991 average price $2700/$2000
  • Selmer Paris – Model 72, Reference (jazz) average price $4200
  • Selmer Paris – Model 62, Series 3 (classical) average price $3700
  • Selmer Paris – Model 52, SuperAction (classical) average price $3000
  • –  Yamaha – YAS 475 or 875 EX or 62 Mark II – average price $1700/$2900/$2200

Tenor Saxophone

  • Yanagisawa – T991 or T 901 average price $3000/$2300
  • Selmer Paris – Model 74, Reference (jazz) average price $5000
  • Selmer Paris – Model 64, Series 3 (classical) average price $3900
  • Selmer Paris – Model 54, SuperAction (classical) average price $3600
  • Yamaha – YTS-822 Custom average price $3100 (jazz)
  • Yamaha – YTS5475 average price $2000

Baritone Saxophone

  • Cannonball Bari Sax* average price $3395
  • Yamaha 52 average price $3100
  • Recommended Mouthpieces: Selmer C* for all saxes*
  • Recommended Ligatures: Rovner, Bonade*
  • Recommended Reeds: Vandoren*, Mitchell Lurie, Marca


  • Bach 180S-43* average price $1499
  • Bach 180S-37 average price $1499
  • Mouthpieces: Bach 7C, 5C, 3C

French Horn

  • Holton H175* average price $2695
  • Hans Hoyer 802 average price $1995
  • Yamaha YHR667VL average price $3400
  • Conn 8D average price $2500
  • Mouthpiece: Holton MDCTrombone-tenor
  • –  Bach 42A* (large bore with F attachment) average price $1985
  • –  Bach 42BO (large bore with F attachment) average price $1750
  • Conn 88H-CL (Christian Lindberg model) average price $1999


  • Holton TR181* (double bass) average price $2200
  • Bach 50B3LO* (double bass) average price $2500


  • Yamaha 321(silver)* average price $2386
  • Wilson 2704* average price $3499
  • Accent First Chair average price $1950
  • Trombone/Euphonium Mouthpieces: Bach 6.5AL, Bach 5, Bach 1.25G


  • Jupiter Carnegie XL (good rental for practice) average price $1995
  • St.Petersberg (silver) average price $3500
  • Mouthpiece: Helleberg Tuba


Private Lesson Instructors


  • Susan Kula (256) 508-1219
  • Jen Mobley (256) 503-1701
  • Stephanie Pesto (256) 655-1432
  • Rebecca Wortham (256) 479-3690


  • Robin Cotton (256) 325-2263
  • Jenney Merritt (205) 936-3442
  • Ray Reska (256) 527-2620
  • Kim Ripplinger (256) 489-3609


  • Vikki Truesdail (256) 325-7066


  • Jim Holder (256) 318-4052
  • Matt Merritt (256) 655-3703
  • Ray Reska (256) 527-2620
  • Jonathan Willis (703) 600-9416

T rumpet

  • Dillon Tuck (256) 684-2621
  • Derek Weidenthal (256) 479-2610
  • Bruce Zeiger (256) 683-6949

French Horn

  • Marsha Asquith (256) 655-7478
  • Eileen Drummond (256) 325-7511
  • Mark Gessner (256) 468-5404)

T rombone/Baritone/ T uba

  • Billy Bargetzi (256) 479-8820
  • Jeremy Howe (931) 933-3986
  • Joel Mason (256) 682 -1115
  • William Wortham (256) 479-3605


  • Jonathan Beavers (256) 617-0861
  • Marcus Pope (256) 651-1790


Color Guard Appendix


Fall Guard Expenses

All members ($414. 50):

  • Paid to school/boosters:
    • Class fee- $50 (paid during summer schedule pickup)
    • Marching Band fee- $250 (due first day of band camp)
      • $150 if parents work concessions (Pg. 17 “Fundraisers”)
    • Band camp fee- $25 (due first day of band camp)
  • Paid to Color Guard (June/July payments):
    • Football uniform- $125
    • Releve shoes- $28.50
    • Gloves- $20
    • Headband- $16

New members only (in addition to above listed expenses- $192):

  • Paid to Color Guard (June/July payments):
    • Flag bag- $20
  • Ordered from/Paid to Laurie Price:
    • Red band jersey- $50 (ordered/paid by May 23)
    • Duffle bag- $28 (order by June)
    • Jacket- $54 (order by June)

Competition members only (in addition to above listed expenses):

    • Competition uniform- $125 (paid to color guard in August/September)

Winter Guard Expenses

All members ($250)

    • Winter Guard Fee: $100 (due 1st day of spring semester)
    • Uniform: $130 (due February 28th)
    • Show shirt: $20 (due January 31st)

New members only (in addition to above listed expenses- $115)

    • Wind suit: $75 (due January 31st)
    • Tennis shoes: $40 (due January 31st)

SCGC Overnight Trip: $75 (due mid-March)
**More details to come.

Indoor Drumline Appendix

Spring Fees ($175)

  • $50 Concert Band fee
  • $50 Class fee
  • $75 Instrument Rental fee

Spring Expenses

All members ($590)

    • $175 Indoor uniform
    • $225 WGI Championships in Dayton (3 nights/charter bus)
    • $100 Bowling Green Regional Trip (overnight)
    • $35 Indoor marching shoes
    • $30 Compression shirt and shorts (available at Wal-Mart)
    • $15 Show t-shirt
    • $5 Long socks (available at Wal-Mart)
    • $5 Transparent rain poncho (available at Wal-Mart)

New members only

    • $25 Drumline hoodie
    • $90 Drumline jacket (optional)
  • Males
    • $125 Tuxedo (JC Penney Stafford Brand or similar)
    • $25 Tuxedo shirt and bow tie
    • $25 Lace up black dress shoes
  • Females
    • $60 Black concert dress (ordered by boosters in December)
    • $20 Mary Jane style black dress shoes

Several individual and group fundraisers take place throughout the year to aide students/parents with these costs. Group fundraisers are MANDATORY for all members. Individual fundraisers are OPTIONAL but highly encouraged. The more the group raises, the less everyone will pay for trips and other expenses.

As a part of this fundraising effort, the indoor drumline also hosts a SCGC Winter Guard and Percussion competition, a rummage sale, and the “Dinner with the Drumline”performance. All parents are expected to participate in these group fundraisers. All three events not only take a lot of planning by the booster officers and committee chairs but also an ENORMOUS amount of manpower to achieve. We need everyone’s help when those events take place.

Also, please remember that all students in indoor drumline will also be in one concert band in the spring, which is why the “concert band fee” and concert attire costs are listed above. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. 


Dance Team Appendix

Fall Dance Team Expenses

  • Uniform for football season $200-$500*
  • Practice/game day clothes $240
  • Boots $65
  • Warm-up $155
  • Dance bags $50
  • Pedinis (black and tan) $50 each
  • Tennis shoes $40
  • Performance clothing $200
  • Poms $35
  • Marching Band Fee $200
    • $100 if parents work concession stand (see. Pg. 17 under “Fundraisers”) *Approximate costs (Returning members will not have to purchase some items)

These are approximate costs. Returning members will not have to purchase some of the items listed above. A breakdown of exact items and costs will be given out at the first parent/member uniform fitting meeting each May. Clothing items and deposits must be made at this time. Fundraisers will be available to help defray the expenses. We will be soliciting sponsors and selling mums.

page25image17256 page25image17416 page25image17576 page25image17736

Charms Access Instructions

Charms symbol




  1. Log on to www.charmsoffice.com
  2. Locate the “PARENT/STUDENT LOGIN” section of the web page.
  3. Login to your child’s program account using the following login:

    BJonesHSBand (case sensitive)

  4. This will bring up the main parent page. This will allow you to look at your child’s program’s public calendar, event list, handouts and other files.
  5. Clicking on an event on the calendar brings up the details for that event, such as times, attendance requirements and equipment/uniform necessities. Clicking on “event list” puts all of the calendar information in a list form for easy printing.
  6. Your child’s ID number is located on the front of this handbook under their name. When you enter your child’s ID NUMBER, another more detailed screen appears with even more options to view your student’s uniform assignments, music assignments, financial records, forms and inventory. Enter your child’s ID FIRST – then you may create your own, unique password by clicking on the “keys icon”.
  7. Most importantly, the parent page assists both you and the Band Booster Executive Board to communicate with each other.
  8. Please note – dimmed icons are not active links.
  9. If you have any problems with your Charms account, please contactpmccoy@knology.net or dmke@knology.net
  10. If you have issues with your child’s financial records please contact Lou Justice atLouJ77@aol. com


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